Govt throwing caution to wind on resurgence of COVID related cases: NC

Says ‘Admin evading its responsibilities on taking measures to halt emerging second peak’

Srinagar: National Conference Party on Thursday expressed concern over the resurgence of COVID-19 cases in Jammu and Kashmir ruing administration for its failure to take measures to halt an emerging second peak.

The reported big jump in the new COVID-19 infections has triggered fears in the people about a possible next peak; the administration in Jammu and Kashmir has taken a back seat, said Party Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar while expressing concern over the resurgence of COVID-19 related infections. He said the administration is evading from its responsibility to take preemptive measures to halt the situation from turning graver.

“Amid surge in the new cases, the authorities are coming up with diktats on strict adherence to CIVID-19 protocol and on spot rapid testing of the people moving without face masks. Such measures would prove least helpful to contain the virus as the government lacks the testing facilities. Such diktats will only put the people to unnecessary duress.”

“Far from perking up response to the new arising situation in the shape of distribution of free masks and sanitizers; amplification of advisories to people; managing the rush at hospitals and public places; ensuring rapid testing and vaccination for all age groups; and perking up the vigilance on airports and national highway, the administration is busy extracting money from people. New emerging situation demands more than window dressing, it calls for an engage with the health department, law executing agencies, community and religious leaders and other concerned authorizes to come up with a prompt and comprehensive response to the emerging situation ,” he said.

Imran said the laid back attitude of the administration is a point of concern of all. “It is for the administration to take immediate steps to figure out the active case load and ensure setting up of testing centers evenly cross Kashmir. I hope the administration wakes up from the slumber because the emerging situation requires more than cosmetics. I hope the people who have their hands on the helm of power in JK will rise of to the exigencies immediately and pull up the concerned departments before long to device a multipronged strategy to impede the surge in the infections. Learning from real life lessons during the last year, the administration is expected to see what is coming. On the contrary the administration is throwing required protocol to wind by giving a ditch to safety parameters at government functions. Such reckless violations are likely to pose a threat to public health,” he added.

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