Retired, Serving officers allege discrimination in release of grades, write to Pr Secy Agriculture

Srinagar: Alleging discrimination in the release of grades the serving and retired officers of the Agriculture department have in a letter to the Principal Secretary Agriculture demanded immediate release of grades for the posts beyond the position of Agriculture Extension Officers (AEOs) for which the grades have been already released .
In their letter to the Principal Secretary the officers have drawn his attention towards the benefits availed by their contemporaries either by virtue of controversial promotion order 279 Agri of 2008; dated: 7th October, 2008 or by insitu promotions as some of them have been left behind despite having retired in the same pre-revised grade of Rs4800 and many more are still serving the department in the same pre-revised grade of Rs 4800.
Seeking release of grades for one time settlement of their grades issue or resolution of this issue by convening departmental promotion committee (DPC) on the pretext that they have suffered financial losses due to stagnation in absence of DPC (Departmental Promotion Committee)/seniority, both the senior and retired officers have sought immediate release of grades to ensure that they are not discriminated against their own contemporaries.

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