October 11, 2020

Team “Inner Space” holding another prog on “KHUSH- HAAL KASHMIR” as part of it’s Webinar Series

Srinagar: Inner Space London- For Kashmir a Webinar Series started by the name KHUSH- HAAL KASHMIR, is holding yet another online program on Sunday, October 11 for the people of” Kashmir. A statement mailed to “Kashmir Horizon” by the Inner Space London- For Kashmir reads as under :
“People in Kashmir have felt alienated from the rest of the country and feel a need for newness,” “enthusiasm,learning and interaction with the rest of the world. People across the world also want to reach out to the youth and hearts of Kashmir” “With the above objective in mind Inner Space London-A Personal Development Center from London, UK” “has invited prominent personalities, intellectuals and speakers of international fame to share their stories” and experiences with the people of Kashmir. These live interactive programs motivate individuals to develop a healthy, positive and stable mind set and as such help people In remaining strong, focused and peaceful inside.
Inspite of any outside turbulences and uncertainties the program will also showcase a different part of the world live to the people of Kashmir to fulfill the need for newness. “To meet this aim a Webinar Series has been started by the name KHUSH- HAAL KASHMIR, for the people of” Kashmir. And three episodes of this e conference have already been successfully conducted. “People from Kashmir can join this live program on the Zoom ID 99221517838 ,password 1”. “Helpline for registration is 98153-24660,98726-60286″. All programs are free of cost Speaker for this week is Dr Mohit Gupta.
Dr.Mohit Gupta is a Professor of Cardiology in GB Pant Hospital. He is an anchor for various TV programs”like Mind matters,awakening and Healer within which can regularly be seen on Astha,Jagran and Sony entertainment.” The live audience will also see a Bhangra performance from Amritsar and a tour of the famous Gobindgarh. “Fort which has huge history linked to the Mughals,Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the British Empire.”

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