October 7, 2020

PSAJK asks govt to take strict action against blacklisted people in education sector

“Any fee waiver will bankrupt majority of schools, increase unemployment”

Srinagar: Private Schools’ Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) Tuesday called on the government to take stringent action against some blacklisted people with vested interests who working on an agenda to destroy the entire school education sector of Kashmir.

The Association said that it has come to its notice that some people with dubious character have started a campaign to derail the march of progress of private schools. With their statements, the association said that the group infamously known as J&K Unaided Private Schools Coordination Committee Srinagar, is trying to create rift among schools, parents and government. “For the last few days the so called Unaided Private Schools Coordination Committee Srinagar has been issuing paid notices in newspaper trying to rake up an unfounded controversy. The group is unregistered and illegally trying to intervene into the affairs of the education sector,” said Mushtaq Canny Spokesperson of PSAJK. “Ironically it is the same people who have already been shown door by PSAJK for their anti-education agenda.”
The Association said that the only achievement of this group has been to destroy once fledgling B.Ed education sector of J&K. “There was a time when government had just two B.Ed colleges and the private sector had 142 colleges. It was known as golden age of higher education. But driven by greed these individuals destroyed the entire B.Ed education sector which was earning hundreds of crores for J&K. They crashed it into ground and later established ETT and NTT institutes illegally inviting FIR from crime branch,” said the PRO. “After B.Ed, NTT and ETT, now they want to destroy private schools. But we will never allow that to happen.”
The Association has already clarified that it is against any fee waiver of students as it will bankrupt majority of schools. “But given the situation, every school is helping students wherever it is needed and concession in transport fee upto 50% has also been given,” said the spokesperson. “We have also presented our case before the Principal Secretary School Education Dr Asghar Samoon complete with facts and figures. Ours is a democratic and registered Association. If any parent or any school has any valid point he is free to register it with us and we will resolve it according to its merit.”
The Association said that some people with vested interests who make noise at the fences try to create divisions among schools, parents and government and one should be wary of such elements. “We have already appealed the government to take appropriate legal action against them so that they are not allowed to harm education sector in Kashmir,” said the spokesperson

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