September 16, 2020

JKTJAC anguished over “discrimination” with particular cadre of teachers, urges govt to reconsider proses and cons of IMPACT

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Teachers Joint Action Committee (JKTJAC) has expressed anguish over the discriminatory approach of authorties in education department regarding Integrated Multidisciplinary Professional Advancement Course for Teachers (IMPACT). Pertinently IMPACT is a training course being imparted to a particular cadre of teachers ( Teacher Grade-II and Teacher grade-III) and after’ the training they have been asked to go through an assessment.
Chairman JKTJAC Gazi Abdul Aziz in a statement issued here on Tuesday termed IMPACT a discrimination with a particular cadre of teachers (Grade II and Grade III). He said that the said lot of teachers despite being well qualified and well trained, are being termed as untrained and unprofessional. Therefore this training instead of enhancing their teaching skills would degrade their dignity and status, he added. He further said that we have never been against trainings but if the training are being made weapons to degrade any particular cadre of teachers, JKTJAC will not tolerate it. We fail to understand why a same gauge stick is not being applied to measure the competence of teachers, and IMPACT is being made for only Grade-ll and Grade III, he added. Chairman JKTJAC appealed authorities to reconsider the pros and cons of the said training course at an earliest. If authorities failed to bring any favourable change in the said training course within comming few days, JKTJAC would be forced to chose agitating path and the whole responsibility would be on the shoulders of administration.

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