Amid Covid-19 Pandemic, stay safe being cautious, serious and responsible: Director JKIFTS tells people

Jammu/July, 15: Director Jammu and Kashmir Innovative Foundation For Transforming Society (JKIFTS) Tasaduk Hussain Itoo Wedneday advised the people to take Covid-19 pandemic much seriously and stay safe being cautious ,serious and behave like highly responsible citizens.
He said that some people avoid necessary precautionary measures by taking Covid-19 crisis as just a hoax- that is very concerning and needs attention while some don’t follow medical advisories at all.
He said that people should realise that Covid-19 cases are rising exponentially and deaths due to the pandemic are also increasing on daily basis.
“As the battle against Covid-19 pandemic is long, re-imposing lockdown is not a sustainable solution taking into consideration the economic downfall and difficulties in human sustainability for long , rather people have to behave like responsible citizens while getting back to routine normal life in the long run.”, he said.
“People should always wear face masks and maintain recommended physical distance ( and avoid crowdy places), ensure handwashing with soap repeatedly and adhere to other necessary preventive measures very strictly”, he said
He said that elderly people and patients who are suffering from comorbidities like Diabetes, Heart diseases, Cancer, Lung diseases and others- must be taken extra care and not allowed to move out unless necessary.
“People should adhere to healthy diet, do daily mindful exercises and meditation, ensure good sleep and other stress- free and immune- boosting activities to stay healthy in all aspects of health- physically, psychologically, socially and morally.”, he added.

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