Kashmir Horizon’s 12 yrs of sustained publication and counting…

Dear Readers,
Though one year is a microscopic period to gauge the progress of a newspaper especially in the face of situation Kashmir is in, still I derive a great deal of satisfaction from the stride “Kashmir Horizon” has made since May 19, 2018, its tenth anniversary. I am amply satisfied with the journey this newspaper has made for last six years in general and for last one year in particular. We are now publishing a 12 page newspaper and it became possible only with the joint efforts of our team. Given the challenges, the present times pose to the print media; the space for it is dwindling globally apace. Jammu and Kashmir State is no exception to this challenge. It is only a determination, audacity and above all willpower to serve the people which keep you in spirits to run the paper. I have learned to live in a tempest and seek every day blessings of Almighty Allah to make this newspaper progress despite the plethora of surrounding challenges. More than the satisfaction “Kashmir Horizon” has given me with regard to news stories which we publish. the newspaper has attracted a host of writers including the likes of Dr Farooq Ahmad Peer Director Academics at J&K Board of School Education, Dr Bilal Ahmad Bhat an Associate Professor at the S K University of Agriculture Sciences & Technonoly, Dr Shahid Amin Trali an Assistant Professor at ITM University Gwalior , Dr S W N Bahar an Assistant Professor at the J&K Higher Education Department, Dr Tasaduq Hussain Itoo Director Jammu & Kashmir Innovative Foundation For Transforming Society (JKIFTS) and Practioner at SMVD Narayana Super Specialty Hospital, Jammu, Dr. Arshed Iqbal Dar an Assistant Professor at Government Degree College Sumbal Sonawari, Er Adil Hussain Rather and Aqib Ul Ahad Wani a law student at Kashmir University who now write for it. …… As we complete 12 years of sustained publication and step into the 13th year of existence, we look forward with excitement and energy. We are ready for the leaning the curve that the changing technology of the “now” generation will demand of us. This is a big challenge but we believe that challenges often become opportunities for institutions to grow fast and strong. Indeed it gives me immense delight to see the newspaper surviving till this day despite titanic challenges. In the face of multiple challenges the contemporary times throw for print media; it is difficult even for big print media outlets to counter challenges which are so sapping and quivering. We live in a digital age. Newspapers have already started shrinking in terms of circulation. In such a milieu if a small newspaper survives a vagary of time, it means manifestation of audacity on part of the owner who puts at stake everything to run the publication. It needs courage to run a newspaper because it is not a profit making venture. Running a newspaper is inviting a perennial pain, and invisible tribulations to serve others. When the motive is so then one must muster courage to endure the pain for serving others. But everyone wants to progress and I am not an exception. Should the print media survive for the time to come, is the question to ponder over. The role the newspapers have had played is so pivotal that one cannot wink eyes at it. If it is perceived that print media is giving way to a digitalised era and has reduced to a status of insignificance, holds no water. Print media will not dwarf if the government will allow it to run with freedom and will not un-couch its mainstay to survive. In Kashmir running a newspaper is not an easy task. The uncertainty in situation dampens what one otherwise wants to do in spirits. One has to be ready with the autumn to get inflicted on the hopes of spring when everything seems budding and green. But I am prepared for this all to serve my bit. I cannot claim the newspaper has progressed apace and created an echelon where I want to take it. It is not so easy. Our valued readers have acknowledge the fact that on each occasion we have integrated the new with the old and converted it into a win-win situation for the readers by providing them the latest news, views and visuals and for us by garnering readership. We find that the explosion of news and views on every new platform——24×7 live TV, Internet news sites, face book, twitter, blogs and online comments—–has only helped make newspapers more relevant. Readers depend on newspapers to make sense of all the cacophony, filter and present the fragmented picture in a sober and fuller manner. TV depends on the print medium to promote its programs. Online achievement and apps benefit from the newspaper coverage. We can say with quite pride that when something goes viral in Kashmir, the readers learn of it through “The Kashmir Horizon”.
Since last 10 ten years “The Kashmir Horizon” has retained its position as fast growing newspaper in Jammu & Kashmir and this 12 year old English daily launched on the slogan “Newspaper that envisions people’s empowerment” has grown stronger as the “people’s paper” month after month and year after year. I was fortunate that I launched this newspaper under the kind guidance of my beloved father and it was for this reason that I have been deriving this inspiration to continue the newspaper with a huge gusto. In fact the launching of this newspaper under the title “The Kashmir Horizon” on the slogan “Newspaper that envisions peoples empowerment” was a commitment to make this newspaper “Witness to Change” and sustaining its publication thereafter for over a decade has been a himalyan challenge in a conflict zone like Kashmir. As the scenarios change and evolve in Jammu & Kashmir state, “The Team Kashmir Horizon” is trying to translate its slogan “newspaper that envisions people’s empowerment “into a reality. While strictly trying to remain “witness to change” the credibility of our reports and opinion columns helped us to build a broad and loyal readership across Jammu & Kashmir. Our reporters report without fear or favour. We weigh facts and try our best to provide readers with accurate and reliable information in a context that empowers them. We are entertaining but we are importantly “witness to change” and while committing that “The Kashmir Horizon” is a newspaper which envisions peoples’ empowerment, we try our best to give voice to voiceless. In all ways we are driven by the interests of our readers. On the eve of completing 12 years of sustained publication we reassure our readers that we will never compromise editorial integrity under commercial pressures. The fascinating eleven year long journey of “The Kashmir Horizon” has made it a household companion across Kashmir, yet this is only the beginning. We look forward to the journey ahead with the continuing affection and support of our readers. Lastly I compliment the editorial and management teams of “The Kashmir Horizon” for their untiring efforts in taking this English daily “The Kashmir Horizon” to the doorsteps of our valued readers every morning without fail. Thank you all on the eve of 12 years of the sustained publication of the English Daily “The Kashmir Horizon”. On the completion of 12 years of the sustained publication of the English Daily “The Kashmir Horizon” we want to convey it to our valued readers in unambiguous terms that we treasure the relationship with them. We couldn’t have done without each and every one of you and hope that the untiring efforts of “The team Kashmir Horizon” will be encouraged in future also to lift this newspaper to new horizons in Jammu & Kashmir.
Shafqat Bukhari

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