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Raqif Makhdoomi
The recent report on Human Rights violation in Jammu and Kashmir was a severe blow to the Indian Diplomacy. The Govt Of India turned away from this fact and termed the report as manipulated that is based on past events. It is pertinent to mention here that such human tights volations have been noticed for a long time now and India has always took exception to such reports to get away with the embarrassment often face at the International arena. On 22 July 2019 when Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan met US President Donald trump, the criticism from both Pakistan and the Indian lobby was galore. The criticism was over the Prime Minister Imran Khan not getting any protocol on his arrival in Washington, but the story that was narrated at the first instance made a different ending. As the president showed his concern and said that he’s ready to act as a mediator between India and Pakistan to resolve Kashmir issue, the Ministry of External Afffairs (MEA) in Delhi took to twitter to react to the remarks of the US President over Kashmir. The MEA on twitter said “Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi didn’t make any request to US President. All the issues between India and Pakistan will be solved through bilateral talks.” Unfortunately bilateral talks continue to remain suspended for the last several years. India committing itself to hold bilateral talks with Pakistan to resolve Kashmir means that it will continue its claim over Kashmir declaring as its integral part and right to interfere in what’s happening in Kashmir won’t be allowed to any individual or sovereign state. India not only claims the part of Jammu and Kashmir that’s with them but also the part that’s with Pakistan which is referred to as Pak Administered Kashmir (PaK). Well the way India reacted to Donald Trump’s comments like cry baby and made the world looks at their insecurities about Kashmir.
This time the main opposition party in Lok Sabha Congress also made it’s way through these comments for the purposes of public appeasement ahead of crucial assembly elections in three state in the later part of this year. The wall street journal presented the news with the headline “Trump offers mediation but India Denies”. While many Indian media houses acted in an immature and biased way, some of media houses presented the things in a better way so that people of India come to know about the diplomatic inefficiency of the incumbent Narendra Modi led BJP Government at the centre. Well international media and some of the reputed media houses of India who believe in journalism reported on khan’s meeting with trump keeping in view the diplomatic , economic and political advantage Pakistan will have after the meeting especially how trump asked Pakistan to “HELP” United States of America to get Taliban on table. Interestingly once upholding the left over morals of journalism India is now going agog with the the title “Trumps ignorance was full on display in his meeting”. Nobody was able to sense it but the journalists in India left everyone in confusion. Well now the question still remains who’s lying Modi or trump. Is modi interested in resolving Kashmir issue through dialogue or Trump misunderstood Modi as claimed by senior Congress leader and former Foreign Minister Salaman Khursheed.

(The author is a human rights defender. Views are his own)


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