Talk in audiences with manners defined in Islam

Human wisdom demands that when you talk before an audience say only what fits the situation and be brief and equally important for people of wisdom is that youngest present in an audience should not speak unless they are asked to do so, or unless they feel that the words they mouth would be received well by the audience and will please the host and other guests. Human courtesy demands that those standing up before the audiences don’t prolong their speeches and use a proper tone of voice. Bukhari narrated a Hadith in which Hazrat Aisha (RA) said ‘the Prophet’s talk was so little that you can count his words’. Muslims are obliged to hear the Azan and so it is must foe them to listen Azan and respond to the call of Allah. Many people, even those with Islamic knowledge continue talking while the Azan is being called. This is rude, since those hearing the Azan should listen to it and quit speech, study and even Quran recitation. Solemnly they should repeat the words of the Azan and reflect on the words of this highest call. We should listen to the Azan, whether we are at home, office, shop, or attending a lesson, even if it is a religious lesson. The Azan is the food of the soul nourishing it with faith and elevation. Do not forgo your share of it. Teach this to your children and friends.
Al-Bukhari narrated a Hadith by Hazrat Abu Saeed Al-Khudri that the Prophet(SAW) said: ‘If you heard the call say like what the Muezzin is saying.’ In another Hadith reported by Jaber that the Prophet said ‘He deserves my help on the day of judgment who said when hearing Azan: O’ Allah, the Lord of this perfect call and imminent prayer, please award Mohammad the help, nobility, and the desired status you promised him.’ If you speak to a guest or any other person, whether in a gathering or alone, make sure that your voice is pleasant, with a low, audible tone. Raising your voice is contrary to proper manners and indicates a lack of respect for the person to whom you are talking. This manner should be maintained with friends, peers, acquaintances, strangers, the young and the old. It is more important to adhere to this with one’s parents or someone of their status, or with people for whom you have great respect. If appropriate, smile while talking to others. This will make them more receptive to what you have to say, and may dispel the impression that practicing muslims are stern and humorless.

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