Sun. Aug 18th, 2019

What does the “Aaya Aaya Sher Aya” mean in Kashmir?

Shahid Khazir

Every democratic country holds elections; people vote for their franchise/candidates so that the best representatives come out to serve them politically for a particular time period. India is a democratic country and elections are always given paramount importance. Post the Election Commissioner of India issued dates for the parliament elections, differentpolitical parties at national and state level started campaigns to gain the public attention for the parliament election. And if we talk about the Kashmir it has always remained bone of contention among all and where elections are always seen as hawks eye, to conduct elections it has constantly remained a challengeable task for the security and the affiliated regional political parties. The word remains “Politics” in Kashmir has different connotations, people decode it whatever resembles. And the same is going with politicians. The election campaign is at its height, regional including national parties are busy in triumphing public attention. As every political party has their own enthusiastic fans and they are chanting their best slogans for their own franchise, the Old-new slogan “AayaAaya Sher Aaya” in 2019 election is trending…
Kings are born and are supposed to rule. If we take a look of rallies of different political parties, first it started when Peoples conference chairman SajjadGanilone hold a public meeting in his native village Handwara, people welcomed their political leader and reverberated the slogans “AayaAaya Sher Aaya “ and NakliSheraYetttWathhDeerra” in the said public rendezvous, after Handwara same happened with the president of Peoples Democratic Party Mehbooba Mufti and vice presidentof National Conference, Omar Abdullah. But the most ironic thing is that people honoured Resistance leadership Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq with the same slogan. But the irony is that politicians get support and opposition from Kashmir by a Kashmiri. The slogan “AayaAaya Sher Aaaya” is being chanted for everyone, in other words, it is awelcome note for both politicians and non-politicians. These enthusiastic fans should differentiate among their (kings).Either he is a fan of Peoples Democratic, National Conference or Resistance group. It is up to a single Kashmiri, to decide the real king “sher” and for what means they are callingthem as kings.

(The writer is currently pursuing at Government Degree College Baramulla.Views are his own


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