December 25, 2020

Care for your parents

Everyone should take care of their parents with affection, kindness, obedience and honour. Affection towards parents is an instinct which must be strengthened by conscious actions. The rights of the mother are more stressed because of her acute sufferings during pregnancy and child birth and her major role in rearing. In Quran it is mentioned “And we have enjoined on man kindness to his parents. Mother carries her child in pain and she gives birth to him in pain, and the period of carrying him and weaning him is thirty months”.  Once a man came to Prophet (SAW) and asked “Who is most deserving of my good companionship? “Your mother” replied Prophet (SAW) “Who next?” the man asked. “Your mother” replied Prophet (SAW). “Who next?” asked the man “Your father” replies Prophet (SAW). Prophet (SAW) declared the disobedience to parents to be a major sin, second only to ascribing partners to Allah, as stated in Quran. Prophet (SAW) has said that three persons shall not enter the Jannah- the one who is not obedient to his parents, the pimp and the woman who imitates men. At old age, the physical illness and diseases also make our parents irritant. Almighty Allah is always aware of such conditions and he ordered the children to provide them comfort and reminds them of their own childhood when the children were helpless and depending on their parents. Islam emphasizes treating parents kindly, especially when they grow old because at this stage they are more sensitive and require more care and attention. In Quran it is clearly mentioned that you cannot say uff (an expression of displeasure) to them. Pleasing one’s parents is considered so important in Islam that the son is forbidden to volunteer for Jihad without his parents’ permission in spite of the fact that Jihad has greatest merit in Islam. With respect to the treatment of parents, it forbids the Muslim to be disrespectful to them even if they are non-Muslims who are fanatical to the point of arguing with him and putting pressure on him to renounce Islam.


Islam emphasizes treating parents kindly, especially when they grow old because at this stage they are more sensitive and require more care and attention.


Quran says, “Be grateful to me and to your parents.” To me is (the final) goal. While treating one’s parents with honour, we also require supporting them with the living costs when they are needy. So it is the responsibility of children to help their parents in any household work in which they can help. Sons should help their parents in lifting heavy things, cleaning home, arranging things, etc. and daughters can also help in mother’s household work—cooking, washing, cleaning, serving food, etc. Good children should help readily, not when asked for. Anytime when you see your mother or father doing something, extend a helping hand to her/him without their asking. This is what Islam expects from children. So, as good mannered persons we must remain obliged towards parents and try to repay them by kind words and deeds, even with money and material needs.




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