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Tasaduq Maqbool Bhat

Tasaduq Maqbool Bhat

In the present tech-savvy world people scarcely use their beautiful brains. Having said that, they indeed are proficient in dealing with the dead, unnatural machines ( tabs, cell phones, laptops etc) but they lack the true quality of dealing empathetically with the human souls. Our society is facing lot of serious problems which not only degrade it but also place our culture and values in great peril. We indeed are becoming more trendy and materialistic day by day. We have developed sophisticated machines, electronic gadgets and other products which have compelled us to bid goodbye to the antiquated lifestyle. The burning question is, are we really richer and copious than what we used to be? Well, i have an emphatic no to this question! We have knowledge but we lack wisdom, we have developed ego but we have lost the self-esteem, we have ability but we lack the character, we are devoid of the ability to deal emphatically with our fellow beings. We don’t need literate donkeys but we are in dire need of the souls who possess the true ability of dealing empathetically with the people.John D. Rockefeller says, ” I will pay more for the ability to deal with the people than for any other ability under the sun.” No matter where you dwell or where your are working, in a civil service department, in college or in a university, you will definitely encounter what i call the “stratification” . You will encounter the recessive – dominant relationship /superior – inferior relationship between the staff members and how people take unfair advantage of their authorities to sway the poor impotent ones. Lemme come clean, I am perusing education in a university and on every single day i witness the above mentioned panoramas.
As spoken words cannot be taken back, they matter a lot. We ought to speak the language of kindness. We should treat out subordinates elegantly and make a positive interpersonal relationship with them. I reckon every individual should contemplate on his words before vomiting them out because ultimately we get the flashback of the language used and activities performed throughout the day. The dictators need to unlearn the surly nature and Introspect themselves. They bave no right to revile or judge their subordinates or make them feel down. The earth was made for everyone, for rich and poor, for tall and dwarf, for sturdy and weak. Nobody has the right to control, judge or bawl out anyone. We all have the right to flourish, shine and enjoy the nature. Why should one bear oppression? Why should one live with the chains and limitations? We all are subunits of this world so we possess the same status. I am besieged by people who don’t remember where they used to be, what circumstances they used to endure, what problems and hardship they have faced. Forgetting is nodoubt a productive mental process for it heals the flaws and scars of an individual. Excess of the above quality taints the soul of a person. One should be fully acquainted with his origin. He should remember the way he has travelled ,the challenges and hardships he has faced in order to;
*be thankful,content and grateful .
*be empathetic
*be a good human being .etc
The dictators need a certain amout of compression about the addictive nature of authority/power. They need to understand that life is a boomerang. We get back in life what we give to others.
Benjeman Franklin said, “when you are good to others, you are best to yourself”.

(The author is Bsc Nursing student at the Institute of Nursing, South Campus, University of Kashmir. Views of the author are his own,

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