September 25, 2020

NC expresses dismay over dilapidated condition of Sgr-Jmu highway

National Conference

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Thursday expressed dismay over the dilapidated condition of roads in south Kashmir and the national highway in particular saying the potholes have been laid bare on many stretches posing threat to commuters , and making travelling on it a nightmare.
While expressing concern over the incessant logjams on the highway and the main inner arterials due to the awfully bad condition of the roads stretches at various places Party’s South Zone President Dr. Bashir Ahmed Veeri said commuters especially the school and college going students; elderly and expecting mothers and patients are at the receiving end and have to undergo enormous trepidation on account of the jerky travel due to potholes, deep trenches and crumbling surface of the roads. “The long beeline of busses and private vehicles has become a regular feature on the national highway and main arterials in south Kashmir due to the bad condition of the roads. The authorities are in slumber and have failed to mitigate the problem, haunting the commuters on a daily basis. The undue delay in the upkeep and up gradation of the inner arterials in south Kashmir and the highway itself is compounding the problem of everyday Logjams. Ideally the divisional administration should have ensured necessary surfacing and repair of roads and various stretches of the national highway before the onset of winter, which unfortunately isn’t being done. It is no less than a nightmare to travel on national highway, as well as varios inter-district routes on the highway. The crumbling roads surface often results in logjams, previously the jamms were confined to morning and evening hours only but now the situation has become a daylong feature,” he said.
Dr. Veeri said the people plying to and fro on a daily basis on the highway lose valuable time per day due to the incessant nightmarish Logjams. “The log Jams are perturbing for the elderly and patients in particular, who find it difficult to reach the hospitals on time. The employees and students also have to bear the brunt. The divisional administration on its part has turned blind eye to the woes of people. There is no accountability on the ground. People have been left to fend for themselves.” He urged the administration to ensure swift refurbish of highways and other main arterials in south Kashmir so that people don’t have to suffer in the coming winter months.

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