Eid ul Adha,A holy day of sacrifice


Eid ul Adha is celebrated on 10th day of Dhu al-Hijjah(last month of holy calender)and lasts for 4 days.This venerable festival is being celebrated to honour the willingness,devotion and submission of prophet Ibrahim who pursued his Allah’s command to sacrifice his son ismael.It is mentioned in holy quran that prophet ibrahim dreamed of a scene in which he was ordered by Allah(s.w.t) to sacrifice his most dearest thing.For next two consecutive days Ibrahim sacrificed red camel as it was the most precious thing at that time and a very few persons could afford that.But on the third night he had the same dream again and he realised what Almighty Allah actually wanted me to sacrifice in his path.When he woke up the next day he took his son to the Mount Arfat with a knife and a rope in his hands and then recited the same event to his beloved son Ismael and told him what he wanted.Ismael replied with a firm tone to fulfill Allah’s obligation.Ismael told his father to tie his feet and hands with a rope and put a blindfold over his eyes so that he couldn’t see his son struggling in front of him.When Ibrahim had slit the throat of his son and put down the blindfold.He surprisingly! found the blood of dead ram in front of him and his son Ismael beside him.This divine miracle shocked him.Allah then sent him a message through angel jibreal that he had passed his trial and made this event a remarkable event of islamic history. Since then muslims from all over the world perform qurbani to honour the faith of prophet ibrahim.On the 10th day of Dhu al Hijjah muslims sacrifice animals especially goat, lamb, camel in the commemoration of that divine event.The animal is slaughtered after performing eid prayer.The slaughtered animal is cut into three parts. One part is given to the relatives,neighbours,friends and close ones .Another part is kept for own family and one third is distributed among poor and needy people.It is believed that neither the shedding of blood nor the flesh of slaughtered animal reaches Allah but what Allah receives is the devotion of his devotees. This festival creates nearness between Almighty Allah and his believers. It facilitates the feelings of love, kindness and equality among the muslims of the world. The morale, which a person can fetch from the memorable event of Hazrat Ibrahim and his son Ismael is that one should always give most priority to Allah’s command and demands over any other dearest thing in his or her life. This eid brings blessings to the believers and makes their faith firm. It is the symbol of happiness and contentment. Allah mentions in Quran that feeding a hungry man is like feeding whole humanity. So we must provide aid to the needy ones via any means.
We must always keep in mind the sufferings and hardships of others and make the efforts to evade them. This not only bestows us with the rewards of Almighty Allah but also brings peace and solace in our lives.
Serving humanity is the only deed which benefits you in this virtual world as well as on the day of judgement.Possession can only bring you physical comfort but is not going to help you hereafter.Instead what benefits you is the supplications of poor and needy ones.Allah(s.w.t) says in quran if you take one step towards me i will take ten steps towards you, if you walk towards me i will run towards you. Now you can imagine how kind and prime his honoured self is? He loves to see his believers being engaged in his work .So this festival is not a mere celebration rather it reminds a forsaken person to return in the right path as the door of Almighty remains always open for his people. Apart from this, cleanliness is half faith. Remaining clean and keeping surroundings clean is an activity of great Islamic value. It is a sunnah and is beneficial for us. Biologically maintaining proper hygiene keeps a person away from infectious disease and he lives a healthy life. This festival also encourages cleanliness practices as having a bath, trimming nails and wearing neat and clean clothes. Moreover charity for a wealthy man is another indispensable attribute of Islam. Zakat a mandatory obligation which must be emphasized in this festival as it eases the life of millions of people and brings a bit mitigation in their lives. A true believer is one who is empathetic (one who considers the suffering of others as his own).So we must always keep in mind the sufferings and hardships of others and make the efforts to evade them. This not only bestows us with the rewards of Almighty Allah but also brings peace and solace in our lives.
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