SKIMS refuted news report circulated from a local news agency

Srinagar : S K institute of Medical Sciences on Thursday refuted a news reportcirculated by a local news gathering agency alleging therein that the news was published in a section of press on Thursday was an attempt to put SKIMS in bad light in a vain bid with malicious intentions and a sinister campaign presumably at the behest of some vested interests and loose cannons.
A press release issued by the SKIMS Public Relations Officer said “ the report is referring to an error in website and drawing a conclusion to accuse SKIMS of mismanagement which is patently erroneous” adding that “ the said local news agency has photoshopped this report superimposing earlier tender notice with the other news, deliberately only to black mail the Institute administration”.
The statement further said “SKIMS has repeatedly been facing the burden of these malicious canards and that too unfortunately at a time when the institution is devoted to a critical task of providing care and comfort to endangered masses from COVID infection and other life threatening diseases”. The statement further said “We have repeatedly through mass media discounted this disinformation campaign which has a potential to cause harm to the institution and confusion in the minds of patients and public who are at the receiving end, whose interests are compromised besides portraying a bad image of the Institute”.
In its statement SKIMS also alleges that the mischievous content about the present report is that no error as pointed out existed on the website and claims that the same is in transgression of media ethics and visibly smacks a bias against the institution of SKIMS so sacred and holy to people, being a national asset of the highest order.
SKIMS dismisses the report as a deliberate attempt at maligning the image of administration by photo shopping this fake news that is the real face of ” Dirty Yellow Journalism based on extortionism and blackmailing”, adding that “ the local news agency is no saintly neither their sanctum santorum, let alone their credibility in print and electronic medium”.
Such casual reports did not warrant any rejoinder but for the sanctity of the institution and the public at large to whom this ” People’s Institution ” is next to any place of worship or devotion.
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