Predicament of Rehbar-e-Khel (ReK) Teachers!

Tasaduq Maqbool

Teaching can never be regarded as a thankless job. Since time immemorial, teachers have been respected, honored and utterly adored. More often than not, teachers are being exalted and considered the nation builders. Well, teaching indeed is a tough job and requires lot of patience, dedication and hard work to carve the students and lead them towards the new heights and experiences of life. In the present tech-savvy world it is hard to believe that the nation builders in j & K are getting a meagre salary of 3000 monthly for all their yeoman’s services to the society. Yes, you read it correctly. Rehbar-e-Khel teachers of J&K are currently enduring the awful and toughest moments of life. Their economic condition is abysmal and terrible. They have been persistently snubbed by the higher authorities for the genuine demands they wield. The plight of ReK teachers is waxing day by day and authorities are absolutely reckless about it. They persistently beseech attention from higher authorities and put genuine demands before them. Recently, the Rek teachers of Jammu division made a heart-rending appearance with all their medals and achievement certificates before media in order to fetch some compassion from authorities. Out of all chaos and sufferings they were ready to sell their dear and steep medals to public. It is very unfortunate that the highly educated youth of our society are taking labored breaths even after getting a government job in the present giddy times. A job has some important purposes to meet and one among them is self sufficiency. The ReK teachers of J&K lack self sufficiency as their job is not yielding much for them. They get a meager salary of 3000 monthly which fails to fulfill even their basic needs. Even after being govt. employees they are not in a position to meet their daily expenses which pushes them towards the depths of anxiety and uncertainty, not to mention its impact on their families. It is a herculean task to get a govt. Job in this day and age, everybody knows it, equally herculean it is for ReK teachers to live in the beau monde society of modern world. Currently whole world is on tenterhooks waiting for any possible solution for the deadly COVID-19.
It is our responsibility to stand in solidarity with them because this noble profession is worthy of utmost respect and deference.
This pandemic has aggregated the agony of ReK teachers because of obvious reasons. They have borrowed hefty amounts from their friends, relatives and acquaintances to meet their expenses during the siege of jeopardous COVID-19. They have literally become bankrupt and hence frustrated. ReK teachers are living at the mercy of draconian policies of govt. which saps all their energy and enthusiasm. It is a pity that even after studying hard and qualifying mighty exams (like NET, SET etc) they are not getting what they deserve and yearn for. Their hardwork and tireless efforts could not yield a better living for them and they reluctantly live with a rue laden heart. Physical teachers infuse motivation in students for sports activities and in turn such activities boost the physical and mental well being of students and other participants. Sports activities train ones mind and upsurge the vigour and cerebral potencies of the students. The sports activities boost our immunity and abridge our susceptibility for various physical and mental ailments. Besides involving them in sports activities, physical teachers infuse team leadership, discipline and other pivotal values in the students which play a stupendous role in their lives. Physical teachers make students acquainted with the merits of unity, patience, friendship and allied virtues. They teach students the significance such values and their role in transfiguring and revolutionizing the society. Physical teachers motivate the students to earn career in sports and to make best use of their dexterities and skills. No wonder why ReK teachers wear a bleak face currently, they have been denied of even the basic salary. Govt. has curtailed their enthusiasm and spirit. They have been forced to live a destitute and miserable life. Now it is our responsibility to stand in solidarity with them because this noble profession is worthy of utmost respect and deference.
(The author is B.Sc Nursing student at the Institute of Nursing south campus University of Kashmir and a regular columnist of Kashmir Horizon. Views are his own

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