Alas! Traditional Brains

Khursheed Ahmad Wani

We are living in the global pandemic. It may take lives of a big number of populace if not vanished in time. Every dominion is busy in preparing antidote for this pandemic. Simultaneously every sort of digital opportunities provided to the citizens especially for students whose future are at greater risk. Over time, everything will regain its grip and enjoy sustainable development. But it is our future (next in line), who lost their precious school hours that will never hit the bull’s eye. A nanosecond of school hours is as important as the air. In this regard Government (considered next to be Almighty God) came forth with manifold modes of teaching-learning technologies strived to reach the unreachable via print and media.
How to breach the bulwark mind stuffed with traditional thoughts?
It needs ingenuity and gumption. The process of Teaching-learning is going on but most of the students are still deprived due to traditional thoughts of their parents though they have gadgets. They aren’t allowed their wards to use the technology. It’s our responsibility to provide awareness about the importance of technologies now-a-days to such parents and to help them in using print and media related to academics. We must not forget this famous saying; ‘Time and tide waits for none.’ We are in the digital era so bound to acclimate it and shape up all round development. We should remember the service of Louis Braille who empowered the blind to read and write. In this pandemic we must unsolicited work for the betterment of society. Top-notch administrators especially Dr. A.H. Samoon Sir took initiative in order to cope with academic loss. A ray of hope seated in the hearts of we people that our most respectful administrator is visionary one. Through his vision we will succeed to adapt blended learning. One of the best examples of technology based learning is to use of Learning Management System (LMS) Portal which brings both teachers and students together on one platform. It is school specific means “Apna school, Apnay Teacher, Apnay Bachay”. 0n 28th June, Govt. launched DIKSHA and VidyaDaan portals cum Learning Apps to cater online teaching. It is a thought-provoking moment. Such kind of brains may come up with extreme darkness for future generations if not fathom out and treated on time. It is pertinent to applaud the service of volunteers from every nook and corner as they set forth teaching resources during global uncertainty. Our future became lollygaggers during pandemic by using PUBG. Is it not our prime duty to save their future and involved them in teaching-learning technologies. “A wake-up call for Parents”
( The author is teacher Education Zone Mawer, Views are his own [email protected])

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