Will Ever Bloodshed In This Valley?

Syed Mustafa Ahmad

Bloodshed has been our habit since 1990. No day passes without the killing of an innocent and a culprit. Is it our ill-fate or is it our own evil deeds that have made us prone to violence? It is very difficult to reach the depth of the truth , given the various constraints that are lying in the way. Does it happen in the world that any community where violence was the order of the day and after a long wait, they eventually got what they wanted? For me, I have no example of this. But history teaches us that if violence is deliberately started in any area, whether by friends or foes, there are cent percent chances that a collective approach of all or the collective approach of some like-minded persons, can turn the tables. If we want to see ourselves in this mirror, I think we have a long path to treat upon. It is because we have many loopholes to work upon. Until and unless, these loopholes are removed from our lives, we cannot hope of anything tangible in our lives. So, the basic necessary is to understand those loopholes. The first loophole in us is that we don’t know why we are dying. The killer and the killed are in a fix. They cannot decide that for which purpose they are fighting for. Some persons with fanatic looks, appeared in the battlefield and promised to bring freedom for us. For a brief period, they crossed every hurdle and came winning. But after sometime, all the emotions that used to touch skies, went into oblivion. They left that very sacred purpose for which they destroyed a lot. On the contrary, some persons joined the ranks of so-called enemies. They were hand in glove in killing the former, who had promised to bring freedom for us. In both the cases, the natives of this valley got killed. If the cause had been known, I think it should not have been difficult to understand that this way of fighting to a large extent is not the best way. It only brings destruction and nothing else. And at the end of the day, the innocent lose life. The second loophole in us is that we often switch loyalties. We never bother to ponder over the reality of a thing. Since 1947, we have been singing the same tune of shifting loyalties. We are like loose sand that keeps shifting from place to place. However, it is necessary to keep moving according to the delicateness of time; but that doesn’t mean our shifting. In the morning, our slogan is freedom. In the afternoon, we forget freedom. And in the evening, our slogan is that we are happy with the slavery. In this situation, how can a community think of changing its, when their fortunes have no destination. It is more disheartening when we don’t know our fortune and the destination is something a big issue.
There should be some bar on this never-ending process of bloodshed. How long shall we die like this? Are we not worthy of living? Shall we ever be happy again? What is our future? Why is this present line this? We need answers. But who will provide?
The third loophole in us is that we blame others for our destruction. In the long history of ours, it is we, who invited foreigners to invade us. It is our saga that hates its own member of the society over foreigners. We sowed seeds of destruction and today, when they have been sprouted, we begin to curse the seeds. If we had been genuine persons, we would have known this fact that who is our friend and foe. It is an attribute of a community that can decide its friends and foes. In my opinion, there are no friends and foes, when it comes time humanity and development. China has been taking advantage of this formula, where she doesn’t distribute the countries among the friends and the foes. They make the best use of both the communities. But where do we stand? The fourth loophole in us is that we lose hope in adversities. We are too elated in prosperity while in boots when it comes to adversities. We always look at the closed doors and never bother to look at the doors that are opened for us. We don’t see light at the end of the darkest tunnel. If for a moment any person is optimistic, the circumstances will force him to be a pessimistic again. I think there should have been the situations where optimism reigns. But it is a dream for us, given the existing situations in our society. The fifth loophole in us is that we never like living in a community. We leave out brethren to fend themselves in any toward incident. We feel our houses are safe, if there is a calamity in our neighborhood, state or country. It is the worst kind of mindset. Communities reach their destinations when they think that one person’s pain is everyone’s. One person’s happiness is everyone’s. In this situation, every obstacle can be passed with ease and the ongoing will become easier and easier in the future. The sixth loophole in us is that we never learn from those who have gone before us. If they had been wrong at some stage of their lives, what punishments they would have been given. This foresightedness will help in understanding the approaching dangers on time. But this is not our case. We don’t learn anything, if we are provided with the best opportunities. Those person learn, who have the yearning for learning. Mere jostling never brings revolutions. The seventh and the last loophole in us according to my opinion is that we are more animals than human beings. We never try to know your status. If the Creator has created us, what is the planning behind His creation. Why are there differences between an animal and a human being? Why is there diversity in the world? What is the fun of bring friends and foes? If every human being is same in almost all the characteristics, what does a difference between two human beings mean? This will allow us to reflect on the basic nature of creation. And at the end of the day, it will help us to know our position in this mortal world. The above discussion is full of pain. It is disheartening to see people dying everyday. There should be some bar on this never-ending process of bloodshed. How long shall we die like this? Are we not worthy of living? Shall we ever be happy again? What is our future? Why is this present line this? We need answers. But who will provide?
(The author writes regularly for “Kashmir Horizon”. Views are his own [email protected])

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