Alcohol abuse in Kashmir

Gowhar Majid

Khamr (Arabic: خم ر) is an Arabic word for wine; (the plural form, Khumūr (Arabic: ), خمور is defined as alcoholic beverages, liquor). In Islamic jurisprudence, it refers to certain forbidden substances. The Jammu and Kashmir government is going to open liquor sale points at different places across the Valley. This is for the first time since 1990.Alcohol in Islam is strictly prohibited (Michalak and Trocki 2006). Prophet Muhammad stated, “Truly Allah has cursed khamr (wine) and has cursed the one who produces it, the one for whom it is produced, the one who drinks it, the one who serves it, the one who carries it, the one for whom it is carried, the one who sells it, the one who earns from the sale of it, the one who buys it, and the one for whom it is bought.” …Only in #Kashmir is Government pushing to open alcohol shops. Even in US to open alcohol shop you have to get approval from the community residents. Obviously This is only meant to show Kashmiris down by playing with our Religious Sentiments. And then #Indians ask why Kashmiris resist. There is a strong feeling among #Kashmiris that #Indian Gov is pushing alcohol and Drugs into #Kashmir to get youth addicted by opening 67 new alcohol shops even in villages. If so, this plan will also fail like so many other sinister plans. I strongly condemn this action and want to resist against it, GO ALCOHOL GO BACK,. It is against our religion principles and is mother of all evils. If we cannot say no today than when,,,, after its addiction. JK government is all set to lay the foundation of 67 wine shops in Kashmir, many questions crosses my mind about it. Will Kashmir remain the same Kashmir, once the wine will be openly available? What impact will it have on the present generation? What impact will it have on future generations? What impact will it have on Female gender? Is it a strategy to divert us? Is it a step forward to change the demography of our region?
Our society is full of tears after hearing that the govt. is opening new liquor shops in Muslim society .let’s raise a voice to stop opening that practice ,let’s unite. “ALCOHOL IS THE MOTHER OF ALL SINS”.
So on. My only aim is to create awareness among the masses through this article. I would be glad, if this article can even open the eyes of only one person. We’ve 1000’s of youth already trapped in the drug addiction and I don’t want it to rise anymore. In fact i want them to be back on track as well. Drinking alcohol is the mother of sin’s, one who drinks has no idea of what he’s doing. Don’t take it lightly else we’ll be soon in competition with India, rape cases will go up, crimes will go up, murders will go up, the list is too long. Believe me, this is a war on our present and future generations. If we’ll not react now, our region will surely turn into a crime zone. I’m sure, pretty sure that it is a strong strategy to divert us from the freedom of movement.
Wake up before it’s too late .BJP’s new plan in Kashmir is to engage youth into drugs & alcohol. By giving nod to open new wine shops, their aim is to destroy our culture & future. We must strongly oppose the move & not allow any wine shop to open. This will ruin the lives of youth! Scale, Over 60 Spots Identified The excise department, after a survey, identified 183 new locations, 116 in Jammu and 67 in the Kashmir valley for sale of liquor .Our society is full of tears after hearing that the govt. is opening new liquor shops in Muslim society .let’s raise a voice to stop opening that practice ,let’s unite. “ALCOHOL IS THE MOTHER OF ALL SINS”.
( The author is pursuing Company Secretary course. Views are his own, [email protected] )

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