Life and Satisfaction

Wakeel Ahmad Mir

Life is a mixture of episodes__favourableand unfavourable, connected and not-connected, and open and jumbled. Life is what makes me to write here and what you are reading. It is a gift from the Lord. Life is love and affection and the things which spoil them. Life is too short but so deep. It is something that compels you to live, without looking at our choice or desire. It is a dictator in the sense. Life is something which made the Adam a loveable one and the Satan a rejected one. When a baby is born, he starts weeping perhaps he wants to convey us that he don’t want to come here as he feels himself more satisfied where he actually was. Again at the death bed he starts weeping and perhaps signals not to leave this world now a place which according to him was not favourable for him when he was born. This is the nature of humans. We don’t want to come on the stage at first, but once we come on the stage, anyway,we don’t want to leave. Sometimes we are fed up with our sufferings in the life and we start whimpering, zindagitu hi mukhtasarhoja/ shab e ghamkabhimukhtasarnhihoti(Life, you should come to an end since the evening of sorrows does not have an end).But sometimes we feel that our thirst is not quenched yet and we began to complain, like in this way: Umr e darazmang k layethaychaar din do aarizumaikatgaye do intizarmai(we had requested for a long life a life of four days, two passed by in pining and two in waiting). This is a crystal clear fact of our life; at times we do not want to live it but when we start living it we do not want to scamper it. Is Life so short that we don’tget satisfied in it? In a day, out of 24 hours, we may spent some four hours in a state which we don’t like, and rest of 20 hours are going according to our will but still we look towards those unfavourable moments and start complaining to the life. Happiness and sadness are the two fruits of a single tree. It is the fruit of sadness and sorrow which gives us the realization to taste the fruits of happiness. So nothing is idle here.From the Quranic perspective, life is one of the magnificent gifts from Almighty. In the starting verses of surah al-Rahman, Allah says that the Most Merciful, taught the Quran, Created man, and taught him eloquence (Bayan). So if we contemplate on these verses, Rehman is the zenith of His Attributes and Quran is His Word. So after these magnanimous eloquent subjects, Allah says that We created man or We gave a life to man. It means there is something special in the life which kept it in the vicinity of the Creator and His Words. This shows howimportantand purposeful our life is as explained by our Creator. The Quran persuades its readers to live a life for the life. That is to say, we have been bestowed with a life for a purpose to live a permanent life. Now the secret of satisfaction in the life certainly lies in the fact that we have to understand it and love the Power that created it. Nodoubt it is not an easy task, it may sometimes compelJalaluddin Muhammad (a highly esteemed theologian) to surrender his scholarly attitude and follow Shams of Tabrez, a wandering dervish. It may compel Sidhartha Buddha to kick off the princely life and start a life of miseries. It may even compel Hussain to gaze in the eyes of Yazid and achieve martyrdom instead of compromising. But remember in the end Jalaluddin may have died but Maulana Rumi is still living, Sidhartha may have died but Gautam Buddha is still living and the blood of Hussain has given him a permanent life in the form of Imam Hussain.
learn the new words, save the previous ones and wait for the upcoming with a good hope. Remember when the dictionary is uninstalled it goes away from our screen but the data is always there. How can a visible object be invisible?
In life we are always in search of satisfaction. The satisfaction tends us to strive in order to overcome the hardships of life. Cain (one of the sons of Adam) wanted to satisfy himself by murdering his brother, Abel. But the result was only regrets and dissatisfaction. On the other hand, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) wanted to satisfy himself by begging a life (in the form of his son Ismail) from His Lord. The result was that he was gifted with numerous rewards and satisfaction. So means are already present there. Now we have to decide which way to travel to attain the satisfaction. Let me jot down we will never be satisfied if we go against the principles of our Creator. I would like to end this piece with these words: Life is like a dictionary in which we always learn some new words. Some people learn the words and then delete the history____ how silly!! Some people want to taste the new words by ignoring what they have learnt. But this attitude is also useless because trustworthiness is missing here. I think we should learn the new words, save the previous ones and wait for the upcoming with a good hope. Remember when the dictionary is uninstalled it goes away from our screen but the data is always there. How can a visible object be invisible?
(The author is a student at IUST Awanitpora. Views are his own, [email protected])

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