Ill-fated cherubs of conflict zones

Tasaduq Maqbool Bhat

Every year, 4th June is observed as “The international Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression”. This special day functions as a reminder for the United Nations. This day affirms the UN’s promise to protect the rights of children across the globe. Children fall in the vulnerable domain of our society. They are considered the most dependent and fragile constituents of a community. They can’t fulfill their all basic needs, cannot take care of themselves and can’t save themselves from natural calamities and catastrophes. They are prone to various hitches, diseases, disabilities, accidents and other setback which keep on posing threat to their holistic development. Children are utterly different from adults both physically and psychologically. Comparatively, They are more susceptible to diseases, death and disability owing to their immaturity, age, place of living etc. Being liable, they need to be protected and raised well. Their rights need to be protected and acknowledged in a full swing. They however form the important section of the society. They are the future adults and much relies on them in the impending moments. To ensure the progress and holistic development of the society we need to be absolutely cautious about their rights, needs, wants and desires. As said by Karl Meninger, “what is done to children they will do to society”. Out of the countless variables which pose threat to the physical, mental, social and emotional health of children, environmental uncertainty /stress is one of the greatest threats that has a detrimental effect on the health status of children. The circumstances endured by them or their caretakers affect them, either positively or negatively. Their never remain reckless and feckless about the circumstances or the people they cling to. Hence it is absolutely significant to make them feel comfortable and abridge their stress in order to cherish them well. In the conflict hit regions of the world like Kashmir the children are at stupendous risk of falling prey to the insurgency, brutality and other repercussions of the conflict. Violations like sexual violence, abduction, attacks on schools and hospitals etc are rampant in such regions of the world. It is a pity that in the current savvy world which is proficient in using the technology and innovation, innocent children are being victimised, blinded, ruthlessly abducted and killed for no fault of theirs. Modern world calls itself civilized but fails to curb such inhumane attacks on children in the conflict zones like Kashmir. The mighty and gigantically influential nations maintain the masquerade of sympathy and empathy for such victims of aggression and unprecedented brutality, the social activists procrastinate and never speak and act utterly and effectively on behalf of innocent victims. With such hypocrisy, masquerade and dishonesty we can’t even vanquish a fragile foe, forget messing up with the Jeopardous COVID-19.
In Kashmir, every year thousands of people including young buds, school going boys and girls fall prey to the unfair ruthlessness of the government forces.
Life of cherubs in the conflict zones is not less than a baffling nightmare. When their beloved childhood period becomes victim of the conflict, they grow up with less enthusiasm and love for this beautiful world. With such flaws and stains, can you expect something extraordinary from them in the later phase of their lives? Well, being panglosian about them is a typical absurdity. How can they harbor lofty dreams, wishes and desires while taking breaths in such non conducive environment? The growing oppression, tyranny and brutality against cherubs of conflict hit regions of the world is a wakeup call for all social activists, social scientists, social organizations, common masses and of course for the United Nations. This problem needs a collective effort and solid determination. With oath of protecting the world community, such organizations and activists need to fulfill their responsibilities and develop empathy for the innocent victims of aggression. What difference could their mere condemnation made so far! The oppression is expanding and world responds by nodding heads and sitting on the fence. In regions like Kashmir innocent children are being terrorised, radicalized, and blinded with ruthless pallet guns. In such hapless regions we don’t need to organize Vit-A prophylaxis programs to limit the cases of blindness but a brief coherent lecture for government forces on “humanity and the rights of children”. Hiba Nisar, the youngest pallet gun victim of Kashmir is a typical example. She was only 18 months old when government forces personnel struck her and ruptured her eye while she was residing inside home in the lap of her mother! Even this tragic and heart rending incident could not wake up the pseudo humanitarians and other social organizations from the slumber. In Kashmir, every year thousands of people including young buds, school going boys and girls fall prey to the unfair ruthlessness of the government forces. Hundreds of children become orphan and are pushed towards the depths of depression, anxiety and allied psychological problems. The forsaken children are pushed towards child labour which destroys their future, dreams and acumen. The consequences of this oppression are far worse than the menace of Itsy-bitsy Corona virus.
(The author is B. Sc nursing student at Institute of Nursing south Campus University of Kashmir. Views are exclusively his own,

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