Fear of COVID-19 Pandemic has left us forlorn

Mudasir Ahanger

A deep frustration and despair comes to us when something unexpectedly falls from the divine power as a curse. These curses directly fall down on the creatures when there is will of the Allah; in fact such curses always warn us to do good deeds, abstaining from misdeeds and verily follow the commandments of Allah. Since COVID-19 outbreak, when it gave a first hard hit to china province *Wuhan* where it took huge number of human lives, that day the great fear and trepidation of COVID-19 has increased dramatically far and wide and it also created a deep agony in our minds because of presently many positive cases and deaths. It has chained people very badly and no one seems unconfined and free to roam anywhere, the way it detained us from all sides, and after then it has reached in different countries like Italy USA Iran and geopolitically covered everything which came in the way. Its far-reaching consequences have poured the powerful countries into woebegone irrespective of their well-established medical infrastructures and modern diagnosing labs for every kind of tests in detecting out harmful signs. Like USA and China, these two countries who have top ranking in the world economy and also having sophisticated technologies in a diversified manner for combating many health risks are no longer withstand against this deadly virus. This has overwhelmingly weakened their health infrastructure. They left their combating potential and despicably surrendered when any anti-viral drug has not proved better efficacy. The present ominous situation seems to have a deep long wounding effects as the situation is spreading uncontrollably which probably indicates that the world is going to end in the near future. So everyone is waiting now for the eternal blessings to come to heal our deeply wounds which are left bruised and uncovered. A severe pain of fear in heart has virtually caught us in traumatic disorder. This reflects inner understanding of human conscience that something has badly happened for which we have a little forbearance to endure its ill-effects. Shall it leave us properly unaffected? we all are oblivion to this contagious infection. These infections that suddenly break out which would later be very difficult for the world to handle them in a short time period. An unflinchingly spreading scourge of COVID-19 has become panicky and major global concern; mostly the affected countries are much worried for what they have been imposed unprecedented lockdown on people to stay homebound. A regular ongoing movements including public transport, railways, and airports have been forcibly banned.
Repentance is a medicine which can erase this agony in a snap provided we will do good deeds and start following his commandments in our life.
Shopping malls, business units and academic institutions are closed which may likely to scale up its epidemic nature. These implicated restrictions are in dire need of prevention from the infection. This deadly virus has unnerved human mind and totally dismaying our mental capabilities in such a way that we can hardly think of better things right row. A continuous distortion of normal thinking is getting down and there may be maximum chances of getting individual frustration and despondency. Mind’s relaxation is no more that it will return to normal position again. We feel there is not anything left behind which can mollify this intensified agony that is beyond our internal hormonal control and psychological capabilities. We are unable to make a little console for keeping a balanced mind in this bad situation, still it is fanning more sparks and not turning its furious face back to let us unscathed in this critical time as everyone feels hapless and can’t fight against it. People who are working abroad whether as Businessmen, Laborers, Doctors and so on are feeling alone and unsafe. Likewise students in outside colleges and universities have the same feeling of worry. Their parents and relatives are very anxious and awaiting for them since a long time. The world is trying to find any way to get rid of this deadly viral disease due to its incessant death cases which has already crossed the maximum scale. The situation is looking much exasperating and tense for all the humans who are living on the earth whether in poor conditions or in rich. It has only a unique nature of infecting people more and more to speed up the epidemic scale to a greater extent. It has laid a scar of infection pervasively in the wide range which is a heavy loss for human life. This time everyone is looking after himself by taking certain precautionary measures to avoid the infection. People who are looking healthy and alive kicking also feeling the agony due to mental disturbances, the gloomy atmosphere are overcast and have left no space for taking stress and depression at this time. Our body is not working well by leaving internal coordination mechanism owing to the fear of COVID-19, likewise Sensory perception went into inactive phase which plays an important role in our body to keep us active and agile. Nowadays people are hell bent on forcing social distancing and avoiding any religious gatherings which is a good health principle at this critical juncture but on the other hand it is psychologically creating more pressure on our mind which is another cause of having depression. This all have made us more vulnerable in other aspects. If we all want to get relieved from this then we must run to prostrate down our head in his merciful court and seek to forgiveness for the grave sins. Repentance is a medicine which can erase this agony in a snap provided we will do good deeds and start following his commandments in our life.
(The writer is a freelancer. Views are his own, ahangermudasir92@gmail.com)

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