Can novel definition trigger friction?

Tasduq Maqbool
Yet another jolt for Kashmir. Yet another adversary designed to hunt kashmir, designed to bestow us shooting pain. When whole world is on tenterhooks waiting for any possible solution for the deadly COVID-19, kashmiris are being bamboozled ruthlessly and denied of their basic rights. Outside kashmir, new techniques and precautions are being developed to combat COVID-19 and lessen the mortality but in Kashmir, utterly different panorama is encountered. We being the residents of so called paradise are supposed to reckon with plural problems. We are supposed to endure ruthlessness of poisonous souls residing some thousand miles away from our Kashmir. In the latest gazette notification, section 3A of J&K reorganization order 2020, under the J&K civil service act, has been introduced to define domicile as , ” a person residing in Jammu and Kashmir for at least 15 years will now be eligible to be the domicile of the union territory also who has resided for a period of 7 years and appeared in class 10th /12th examination in an educational institution located in the UT of J&K will be considered the resident of J&K “. The definition expands to include” children of those central govt. Officials, all India services officers, officials of statutory bodies, officials of central universities and recognized research institutes of central govt. Who have served in J&K for a total period of ten years or children of parents who fulfill any of the conditions in sections? “Well, before i condemn this kooky and impudent decision, i want you to recollect the statement given by Altaf Bukhari after meeting PM on 14th March this year. Altaf Bukhari claimed that Narinder Damuderdas Modi’s heart beats for kashmiri people. As per his claims, Modi had assured him that no demographic change will be done in Jammu and Kashmir. A little bit comprehension is required here to fathom and guage the temperament of Honorable PM. He bamboozled his follower cum dead fan Altaf Bukhari by making fake and unrealistic promises with him. I beg pardon but there’s no way kashmiri people can expect mercy and justice from him because that would be like waiting for a cold day in July or the day when pigs fly! Every Kashmiri was taken aback after becoming cognizant about this draconian novel definition. This is a typical despotic decision of the center. This really is going to exacerbate poverty, unemployment and akin problems faced by kashmiris. Large influx of people into Kashmir from other states is one of the serious repercussions of this brutal act. The influx will upsurge our agony for sure. Mark my words, in the impending years Jammu and Kashmir will become one of the most densely populated region of India.
How can you expect us to be in harmony, to be in tranquility after snatching from us our basic rights, our recognition and identity? I am sure the draconian definition will trigger serious repercussions.
Now Kashmir will become a cash cow for all Indians who wish to exploit Kashmir for their own gains and interests. But the question which arises here is very much interesting and at the same time deeply concerning! Who is the real culprit? Who is basically responsible for our ruin? Who? To my mind, people who supported the snollygosters of the Kashmir, (the unnatural, tricky and deceptive politicians of Kashmir) in the past are the real culprits. What good shall we expect from others when our own politicians have defiled us for decades? What good shall we expect from the centre when they have besieged us with 1 million troops? Remember for 70 lakh population we are having only 97 ventilators. Is it fair? This is a typical barbarism indeed. Kashmir had its recognition, honor and identity in the past. Now when our identity is being subtracted from us, shall peace ensue by its virtue? Where are those democrats, peace loving and pro-social politicians who always bamboozled kashmiri laymen and by the fake promises who have risen to power. We don’t need their mere lip service and reluctant condemnation anymore. What difference shall this condemnation create? Can it prove influential? Shall it fix our problems and abridge our unending woes?. I have an emphatic no. Remember India is breaking decade’s old promise which she had made with the kashmiri people. We are being denied of our identity and recognition. Will it not radicalize youth of Kashmir. This radicalization will have serious consequences. Currently India is taking the advance of COVID-19 lockdown, but it will not persist forever. This draconian law is surely going to disrupt the integrity and trigger violence. If you are peace loving and want peace and prosperity in Kashmir, then how can you snatch the basic rights from us. If your heart beats for kashmiris then how can you add salt into their wounds. The United Nations seem to have zonked out. UN had guaranteed kashmiris the right of self-determination. So now when our basic rights are disappearing why is she watching this panorama recklessly. Why is UN sitting on the fence? Kashmiri people are known for their elegant, polite and genteel nature. We have warmed the hearts of even brutes and ruthless predators with our hospitality and humble attitude. We loathe violence; we don’t want the disruption of peace. We are humans and want to live with harmony, love and respect. We don’t want bloodbath anymore. But how can you expect us to be in harmony, to be in tranquility after snatching from us our basic rights, our recognition and identity. I am sure the draconian definition will trigger serious repercussions.
( The author is a B.Sc Nursing student at Institute of Nursing, south campus, University of Kashmir. Views are his own,

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