Don’t ever revenge!

Sajid Rasool
Revenge, a word with a vehemence of fire within it that which when encountered reflects animosity, hatred and anger. I usually cogitate that this word might have been devised for shaitan (devil) but is stuck in the ordinary brains too. It makes life tough and arduous. Majority of ordinary beings prove their supremacy by showing retaliation which is apparently not praiseworthy rather it makes our heart cold and callous. Silence and patience synchronically are rarely spotted in anyone in today’s materialistic world. Silence leads to creativity of minds and patience to success. Flames of revenge make scars within our hearts and victim’s heart becomes brutal. Person who is used to wreak vengeance on his contending party never gets peace. Although he feels contented with himself virtually but apparently that person is just disseminating hatred and escalating his enemies. This quality paves way to self-centered behaviour of a person. His instinct gets reshaped accordingly. He then ponders upon only those things which are meant for his own interest. Let me inform you that world only knows the language of kindness. In order to succeed in life one must act kindly, be kind to the world so as it will be to you. If anyone dumps on you with or without any reason you must act sagely by just turning your back towards that person instead of showing vengeance or counterblow. It surely will infuse a kind of respect in that person’s heart for you and his mindset will also get framed in positive direction. Kindness shows synergic effect, it not only benefits that person who is exhibiting it but it also mends behaviour of that person upon which it is displayed. We being the crown of creation must know the significance of kindness and inimical effects of revenge. God has created us so as to spread love, peace, kindness, respect rather than putting ourselves in those activities which disseminate hatred, bitterness, animosity etc. We must think wisely and value one another in order to get success in life. It should be noted that a person who always strives for revenge will never get success in life. Let me justify my point by quoting an example, suppose a person steps through a narrow lane, all of a sudden a heavy stone comes in his path and he makes his mind to break the stone and clear the path. After making marathon or sustained efforts to break that stone he finally clears his path and moves onwards but that is not enough( to break that one hindrance) in order to proceed. Consider this stone as one hindrance in life. You must now imagine how many such stones will encounter you in life. In spite of battling those stones we must act like water which easily finds its way how worse and intense the path is. This example now elucidates the significance of kindness in a very logical sense. It is obvious that one has to pass through a series of thorns in order to please himself by inhaling fragrance of a flower. Instead of being harmed while following the path of thorns one must itself become a flower and spread this fragrance and love to the world. It surely makes world to fall in love with you.
Patience always rewards a person. Allah (swt) says in quran ‘indeed, the patient will be given their reward without account’. Finally it takes a person to his destination and makes him successful.
This is the power of kindness and love. As soon as competition comes in the path of an individual his conviction and faith get changed abruptly. He then begins to attack his competitor for his own well-being and hardly bothers about his contending party. Person becomes self-fish and avaricious. This leads to notoriety of that person. Everyone then assigns him different titles viz cheater, deceiver, scammer etc. An impatient person never does anything right. He never performs his routine work in an adequate manner and that in turn increases hurdles in his path. That person becomes incompetent and is unable to utilize time in a proper way. We should keep ourselves miles away from such an ill-behaviour. For this to happen we need to develop patience, silence and ability to bear and grasp those things which are meant to hurt our sentiments. Patience always rewards a person. Allah (swt) says in quran ‘indeed, the patient will be given their reward without account’. Finally it takes a person to his destination and makes him successful. Once you come to know its rewards and deeds you will forget the raged word revenge. God has assigned us the name crown of creation. So we should mend ourselves in such a way by which the shine of this crown lasts forever. We should induce love in other’s heart by our good deeds and should spread love which holds us together.
(The author is pursuing B.Sc Nursing at Kashmir University. Views are apparently his own, [email protected])

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