Fight against COVID-19: Onus lies on us

Aadil Ishaq

Since the World Health Organisation has declared The Covid-19 Pandemic, the Government of India has started restricting the movements of people across the country. At first, the Govt ordered restrictions on mass gatherings at places of public attraction in cities and towns across the country but with the unprecedented rise in the arrival of Indian citizens from other countries due to Covid-19 crisis across the globe and the number of positive cases started increasing day after day across the country, the central government put in public domain the health advisories and slew of precautionary measures to counter this pandemic and also shut schools, colleges, and universities with the announcement of the postponement of the examinations. As the figures emanating from many COVID 19 testing labs established across the country indicated the intensifying spread of the virus, the government could not forcefully implement health advisories properly issued by the Health Ministry and also failed to restrict the public movement and enforce its measures for social distancing. Since the call of Prime Minister for one day “Janta Curfew” was aimed at restricting the unnecessary movements of people in the entire country , the civil and police administration enforced “Janta Curfew” successfully by the civil and police administration but after
One Day Janta Curfew, the people across the country again
started resumed their normal activities and movements in the crowded markets and other places of public attraction .
Expert Views: The experts and scientists across the world suggested that the only way to stop the spread of this deadly virus lies in the imposition of curbs on people to people contacts for the purposes of social distancing . Implementation of such measures was advised in view of the measures China took for successfully controlling the spread of this covid -19 . For a while If look at the facts and figures put in public domain by the World Health Organisation ( WHO), we come to known that first 1 lac people were infected in 67 day, next 1 lac people in 11 days and third 1 lac souls in just 4 days .If we look at the numbers of Italy, Iran and Spain, everyday, we come to known around 7000 were infected by this viru. Now We can analyse, the speed and intensity of this virus spread. Former head of ICMR’s Centre for Advanced Research in Virology, Dr T Jacob John on day after Janta Curfew announced by PM Modi said, ” we are two
steps behind the virus— ideally this step should have been taken a week ago, that way we could have stopped the inward journey of this virus into the heart of India” It all indicates that we have touched the Phase 3 of this Outbreak when around 600 cases have been officially declared positive.

21 Days Lockdown: Keeping in view the opinions of the experts the Prime Minister has announced a 21 Day complete Lockdown in the entire country from 25th of March with a strict direction to the authorities to make this lockdown successful to break this cycle of COVID-19 spread. As experts have said that the only way to break the Covid-19 spread lies in the enforcement of strict lockdown, the Government has put at stake— it’s economy and institutional working. Now the onus lies on the people. The efforts of Civil and Police Administration to break the chain of
Corona spread are satisfying but people too have to play their role to break the intensifying chain of Corona spread. The Civil and Police administration alone can’t cope up with this situation unless and until we cooperate with them. An Expert says, “it is now spreading like wild fire, If we fail to stop the spread of Covid-19, this will engulf all of us in one go . Unfortunately neither we have strong immune system nor a well developed Health infrastructure and as such the onus lies on us, the general masses to help government deal with it.

Do’s and Don’ts

? Follow all the advisories issued by Government bit by bit
and take all precautionary measures

? Prove by your responses that we ourselves as responsible citizens and act
accordingly as per the law
? Don’t put everything on Administration, police or hospital authority
? Avoid unnecessary travels
? Disclose travel history to the concerned authority, if we are returning homes from
any severely affected region.
? Cooperate with civil Admin, Police and Hospital Staff to their satisfaction
? Play a role in saving humanity
? Don’t let the police and civil administration feel that we are punishment cravers, we
don’t understand simple and conveying words with civility.
? Focus more and more on social distancing
? Avoid Gatherings at all level
We Shall Overcome Someday: Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Humanity, Save Human Race, Help Yourself, To Help The Whole Humankind

(The author is a freelancer. Views are his own,

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