Cross Boarder Shelling in J&K

Lone Hilal

Lone Hilal

On 28/07/2019 around 5 pm,cross boarder shelling started in Saujiyan sector in Poonch District in which three three civilians–Mohammad Arif(40),Fatima Begum(35) and her 2 week old son were injured,when they were hit by splinters of motar shells in shahpur sector. Later Monday,infant succumbed to his injuries.Heavy shelling of ceasefire voilation were going on demaged houses etc. Last evening, an old women Rahme Begum and a health employee were critically injured due to cross boarder shelling in Bagtor area .Later woman in her way to SMHS Hospital scumbbed to her injuries. Cross border shelling in Jammu Kashmir borders is not new. It may happen anytime.
Peace in the the valley is unexpected. It may always happen, Indian blames Pakistan for ceasefire voilations and Pakistan blames India. It is unfortunate, Indo-Pak diplomacy is showing new trend.As the government chances,there is change in diplomatic policy of a country. Because, leadership ideology is determined by the peace and development of a nation. As the cross boarder shelling ruined life of every Kashmiri in Kashmir valley. Life of people is in threat. There are chances of loss from both sides.Loss due to cross border shelling in these remote areas can’t be examined clear. However, it is human life gets severly affected. Loss due cross boarder shelling can be analytically examined as:-
As the Govt tries hard to provide quality of education for children living on these areas. Whenever, it affects security of human life. Education and other sectors for these tribals gets also affected. As the country faces extreme poverty. Labourers, Masons, Carpenters etc shift seasonally in such areas to earn lively means for their families. In this way, cross border shelling is affected on poverty. As the technology has changed warfare techniques and safety measures. It is useless, but only loss to deploy forces for cross border shelling. As the Indo-Pak diplomacy adds fuel to cross boarder shelling. It is not solution, but adding fuel to fire. As the India and Pakistan abstain from initiative to dialogue, chances of cross border shelling may happen. There instead to indulge in cross border tension. It is better to continuously invite and come forward for negotiations. In conclusion, cross border tension disrupts peace in whole sub-continent. Bring both the nations as nuclear powers. It is threat for the security of lives and losses for both nations. Till now, we yielded nothing in warfare. In this democratic world, it is better to solve the conflict through the negotiations of democratic ideals, which have largest importance in this global competitive world.

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