Unemployment and minimum wage ethics in J&K

Showkat Ahmad Khan

Showkat Ahmad Khan

Unemployment alike poverty, terrorism and disease is threat to security of society as well as nation. It dwells all henious crimes and nurtures all barbarous activities under its shadow. It makes so much adversity that it is responsible for the birth of all immoral and illegal activities. Unemployment serves contributions like drug peddling, theft, corruption and even domestic violence to society. It also has many adverse affects on the physical health and psychology of a person. Nevertheless we are not here to count its inverse and direct infections and influences. Its supremacy is well known to authorities and it’s victims. But one thing that haunts veterans and economists is that in the era of post industrialism and modernism, how India’s unemployment rate touches its highest since liberation from English chains? The answer might be population explosion but why administration is not taking lessons from China and many other European countries who take advantage of this explosion and modify this overpopulation in most valuable human resource. Let me pull you out from illusion. It is actually deficiency of administration which in each and every sector has failed to prove their worth over centuries. Let India leave on its own condition and take our eyes on the present scenario of our own state j&k because it is old proverb “charity begins from home “. Let’s take a glance what we posses. We are well known for our agricultural and horticultural production not only in India but also in abroad . Export of fruit especially apple occupies a prominent place in trade of the state but unfortunately from last few years it is showing fluctuating trend . There are many people from outside state who is of opine that apple cultivation is the sole injection to the economy of j&k . For their kind information let me clear them that our estimated hydro power potential is more than 20000 megawatts. We are bestowed with world renowned lakes and rivers like jehlum, Ravi, Tawi, Chenab, Nubra, Wular, Dal, Nagin, Manasbal, Mansar and many more . We occupies esteemed tourist destinations like Gulmarg, Pahalgam, soanmarg, Akhnoor, Mughal gardens, Patnitop, Sansar and Batote . Our state hosts pilgrimage destinations like Raghunath Temple, Mata vaishno Devi shrine, Buddha Amarnath, Bahu fort, khanqah-e-mollah and nangali sahib. This is jaw dropping that despite of having so much resource still J&K is contributing less than one percent to India’s GDP and instead of having innumerable actual and potential resource j&k has highest rate of unemployment among Indian states.
The reason is again negligence and failure of administration. The extraction and utilization of resources will provide a strong impetus to the growth of state’s economy. The development of these potentials would need huge human resource, technical expertise, administrating reforms , regulators and management , private participants and cooperative marketing which ultimately will reduce rate of unemployment in state . But both state and Central government is paying deaf and dumb. Here arises a question is administration solely responsible for the enormous rise of unemployment in the state? The answer is absolutely NO! We as a society are responsible too. How we are responsible this may slap to mind of many people. Whenever any person from rural or uncivilized society gets a chance to make direct participation in the upliftment of his society or clan they prefer to migrate towards urban areas leaving the debt of society unpaid. We often see many doctors, engineers, so called civil servants migrating from rural or semi urban areas to urban cities and towns. Aren’t they responsible for the slow growth of their societies? How better it would be if these adjusted ones should establish small counseling centers, micro institutes and firms in their respective areas where they originally belong , where they have brought up. Wouldn’t this reduce burden of unemployment from the shoulders of society. Why we are absconding from responsibilities and giving place to selfish genes in our DNA. Anyways let we take glance of govt employee section of the society. It perceives that they have fedup from the system. Their miseries seem unending. From gazetted officers to class IV employees everyone seems victim of minimum wage ethic. Actually the problem is with our policy formulators. They are still framing policies taking opinions from the work of classical economists. They are still treading on the heels of Pigou’s wage price flexibility. From their course of actions it perceives that they still have confidence in Smith’s Laisez fair economy. I suspect they are unfamiliar with the name John Maynard Keynes and his income and employment theories who perishs both wage price flexibility i.e minimum wage trend and idle Laisez fair policies . Administration holds acute responsibility to look after the matter. But we should not leave whole obligation to administration. We ourselves should take stand to eradicate this menace. We all should join hands for the well being , upliftment and prosperity of our masses .

(Author has pursued his doctorate from physical education and is presently working in youth services and sports department. Views are his own, hazikulislam1987@gmail.com)

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