Trade of drugs rampant in Srinagar, Anantnag

Srinagar: The drugs are taking a heavy toll on youth with Srinagar and Anantnag being the most affected districts of Kashmir Valley.
As per the official figures at least 312 cases were registered against the drug peddlers during 2018 in Kashmir, while 482 persons were arrested by police involved in these cases.
As compared against 2017, the data suggests that drug related crime is on the rise in Kashmir. At least 357 cases were registered in which 407 arrests were made in connection with them during the year 2017.
The seizure included huge quantities of several contraband substances like poppy straw, fukki, brown sugar, charas, heroine, ganja, bhung putri, and opium straw.
Poppy straw is the highest seized drug – 1734.7 kilograms, while other seized drugs include fukki (850.61 kilograms), brown sugar (6.88 kilograms) and charas (73.27 kilograms), apart from other seizures of banned capsules, and tablets, official figures reveal. The data suggests that the maximum number of cases (about 58% – 123 cases) have been registered in south Kashmir followed by north Kashmir (35%- 108 cases). The central Kashmir has registered lowest number of cases- 25% 81 cases.
J&K is also one among the six States-West Bengal, Manipur, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, and Bihar-where maximum poppy cultivation is practiced, according to the report.
The trend has also been detected by The Narcotics Control Bureau of Union Ministry of Home Affairs’ which says that J&K is one among the top states in India in cultivation of illicit crops.
Another disturbing trend is use of various narcotic drugs including heroin has given way to intravenous drug usage, use of sedatives and painkillers.
‘This increases the intensity of addiction and hastens the process of complete subjugation to the narcotic dependence,” a police official said.
The official said that state police was adopting a two-pronged strategy to tackle the issue. “On the supply-side, we are carrying out intensive raids. Huge seizure of charas and tobbaco products have been made in the recent months,” the official added.
Over the years, drug addiction has become an area of gross concern. Our society had remained free of this menace for many centuries. However, times have changed and so have social benchmarks, moral values and economic avenues, experts say.
“The disintegration of family norms, trains of living a reasonable life in a rapacious world, struggle for existence in a competitive society have all destroyed the basic supportive framework of the society. Drug abuse in the last few years has increased manifold and is fast proving malicious to the society by causing physical. Psychological and intellectual decay. There has been increased morbidity and mortality. Enhanced crime rates, decreased productivity and wastage of economic potential of young generation,” a doctor at SMHS hospital said.
A source said that economic effects can be broadly measured that resources spent on law enforcement. Drug policies and other efforts aimed at drug interdiction which are actually the resources not spent on education Healthcare employment etc.
“The cost of treatment and rehabilitation services including burden on acute emergency care. The cost of drug itself to the individuals and families that go into debts. The cost of lost human productivity from morbidity and pre-mature mortality caused by substance use,” the source said.

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