Assembly Elections & Presidential Rule In JK

Younis Ahad

There is no question in the world which does not have answer, the questions which are unanswerable must not be asked. There are no doubt difficulties, hardship, issues, conflicts or a society need support in terms of social economic and political. There exists remedies besides, to address all issues concerned. There is hardly any section in the society which denies or cry for such things which can help them in easing their lives. Well i actually want to catch your attention towards significant issue i,e Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh which is headless(elected) from the last one year , there is no elected Government in the state only a Governor rules it, this is the probably first time in Indian history that a state is without Government for such long time. In the beginning i asserted about questions, yes there are questions which need to be asked as well as considered by the people of the State. Why do we need Government? What a Government does for the state? Why there are delay in the conducting of Assembly elections in the State? Well it is subject of discussion. It is pertinent to hand down that the following the break up between north pole and south pole i,e BJP and PDP, Governor rule was imposed in the state after the completion of Governor rule which remains for six months J&K is the only State in the Indian dominion where the Governor rule is first imposed then after said period is brought under President rule, same was done with the State , the term of president was recently over but it was extended. Needless to mention that Lok sabha elections were held across the country , peaceful pools were also held in the State of J&K, recently newly elected PM Narendra Modi has made a claim that J&K was more peaceful than West Bengal where some reports of violence were reported. There was cry across the political spectrum the Assembly elections be held simultaneously with that of parliamentary. It was a challenge for Election Commission, but they did not accept it rather deferred the same. Assembly Elections were supposed to be held in April this year. Now centre Government cites the issue of Amarnath Yatra, now elections are expected from November.
What the centre Government thinks fit it does so, i think state remained peaceful all the time under Gov rule but the significance of elections cannot be undermined at all. Why State is so disturbed is entirely a burden on the shoulders of political parties they have time and again deceived people of J&K why people boycott elections not at the instance of hurriyat but they don’t trust on their rulers anymore, their anger is genuine .But when time changes people also change, new faces have entered in the field of politics, people like Dr Shah Faisal no doubt left his lucrative service for the people of the state but is yet to unveil a path breaking road map for Kashmir different from the traditional politics of National Conference, PDP and Peoples Conference. Er Rasheed talks much but does little to change the face of state politics. Words of Faesal and Rasheed demand actions on the ground as only the workability of road map matters the most when it comes to commitment of changing the face of politics in Kashmir. They announced the launch of a pre poll alliance to form a popular government in the state but the issue is not of government but of reconciliation and reconstruction. The massive issues concerning the state of J&K is a) Corruption: It has eroded everything, and has made life miserable , b)Unemployment : Indeed joblessness is on rise and lakhs of youth are unemployed which need to be engaged but nepotism, favouritism prevalent everywhere has to be stopped to restore the faith of youth in recruitment process. Many more issues triggered by several years of misrule in the state need immediate consideration of the Government for reducing the trust deficit which remains the main cause of alienation in Kashmir. Simultaneously Government of India must stop tinkering with the state constitution and take all necessary steps to protect and safeguard the special status of the State so that unique identity is retained by the Jammu & Kashmir state.

(The author is a law student at Kashmir law college Srinagar. Views are exclusively his own

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