Music…. An Attraction

Muhammad Nayyar Azam

Years before, traveling to Srinagar, accidentally I met a man, in a local bus, listening music in a high tune, totally lost in it.
It irritated me and I asked,
“sir plz lower your music volume as i feel inconvenient,…. Plz”
“I don’t care”…he replied. It is my life…. My life..
“You heard,…… Music is my life..” ., He shouted.
I kept mum. After hearing that reply from him.
Days passed and I still remember the entire seen, the man and his befitting reply but now my condition is same as the man in bus..
.. I remain lost all the time listening music… want to meet the amazing man again to thank and tell him….. “Sir now music is mine life too..”
I developed my interest towards music specially towards qawwali after my matriculation in 2016.Since then i love listining music, mostly when i have to go for bed ,bathing ,doing the toughest and solid problems of mathematics or the giant numerical of physics or whenever I am in any kind of depression, trepidation or downheartedness I love to play music ..
It was rainy day ,dark clouds covered the sky, the day our 11th class pre board examination results were out unfortunately I got failed in my chemistry portion.
I feared to show off my appearence to my parents and other family members who would shower their words of insult upon me and would leave me fractured in every bone.For about two weeks i was in a state of trepidation and depression .It was friday and i decided to see my friend who by chance and unfortunately had also failed in the same subject…
On entering his room i was somewhat amazed and wondered. He had
Closed all the windows to avoid light, he was listening to an amazing and wondering music, totally lost in it. On seeing me he, as usual, got up, kissed and hugged me and offered tea which I accepted. We had a beautiful talk for at least an hour ,discussed the faults in our chemistry portion ,by the way i asked about the music and the singer whom he was listening keenly..
He replied, it is the SHAHENSHA singing Qawwali. who is this shahensha, I asked hurriedly?
Haha,dont you know him?
It is Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan playing sargam.
I got tempted towards the singer and I asked for one of his qawwali recordings. He gave me one ,his most beautiful one ,
” Tumhae dil lagi bool jaani pade gi..
muhabbat ki rahau mae aakar tou dekho”
Reaching home I played it on my speakers and found them ample interesting. I downloaded his another ghazal recording from Youtube ..
“kehna galat galat tou chupana sahae sayae .
qasad tumhae qasam ha bataana sahi sahi”
This ghazal performance is his all time best .Days remain passing, my intrest towards the heroic and romantic singer got increased, till I became his die hard fan. Three years have passed now,i dont remember a single qawwali of nusrat fateh ali khan which i skipped… Best of khan sahab is his Sargam, which has tempted and addicted people to Nusrat fateh ali khan… His biggest success is his name appearing in “Guinness Book Of Records”,which is not every singer’s cup of tea. I have got so much attracted towards him that even on my last year JEE paper i was crooning his best lines . Some days before,one of my cyber friends had posted beautiful lines on fb..
which read:
“sorry Drugs sorry….i am already addicted to Khan”

Not only Nusrat fateh Ali khan sahab but to every good singer I listen keenly and enjoy. I love to hear the great Lata ji,the melody queen Noorjahan, Muhammad Rafi sahab, Rahat fateh Ali khan, Arjeet sing, and Atif Aslam.

“Matter is not the singer matter is what he sings and what we get…”


I remember as Lata ji’s best lines which remain on my tongue all the time…
When I was a primary school kid, I still remember my father who would accompany me to my school, crooning the lines of Muhammad Rafi.., which I was not able to get or understand but still I enjoyed.Today when I listen Muhammad Rafi, it reminds me my past beautiful childhood days and I enjoy listening till I become totally lost. In short music when sung and heared in a positive and a good way can help change the minds of people specially our youngesters who have unfortunately taken it in a wrong way,who remain lost, listening the western type music which I consider as “Fake Music”… So better would be refrain from such kind of dangerous fake music and start new journey of life by listening the real music by the legendry singers especially of the subcontinent…
Sufi Music
I love to listen sufi music. Abida parveen is my all time best sufi singer. Her “Lal meri pat rakhiyou Bala julae laal” is a masterpiece. ABIDA PARVEEN’S soothing voice has made me her die hard fan…. In our valley there are certain sufi singers who earned their name and fame particularly during 19th and 20th century. I would love to mention here Gulam Ahmad Sofi, Ab. Rasheed Hafiz, etc.. I listen them and enjoy their sufi lines with the particular type of music they call as the “sufi music”…. Utmost love for music… I never miss listening music specially when it is a rainy day, I switch on my headset and listen some heartbroken melodies… … I never go out for bed, drive, bath without music.. In short words, music has occupied such importance in my life that I can’t live without it…….”it became my life”

( The author is a student of medical sciences. Views are his own

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