Fri. Jun 21st, 2019

Career in civil service: Your Goal and Say Yes I Can

Maroof Hameed Lone

This is the time when many graduates make up their mind to try their luck in civil services examinations (cse). Each time I write my endeavour is that these articles give you a little confidence and some insights to face their fierce competition boldly. Talk to a youngster who had just started thinking of making a choice for career in civil service as one of the career options available. When one makes up mind to decide about civil services as the career and for many candidates ‘their first reaction is no’ just saying it’s not for me. It is a big challenge, it is really tough and out of my reach. More over chances of success are bleak there are indeed some doubts’ feard and apprehensions about civil services examinations which initially obstructs their decisions.
Usually what we hear in “sorry don’t know how to go about it…..I am not strong in academics…….Always got second division ……My writing speed is slow ‘my control over language and vocabulary is weak My expressions is really pathetic ; I don’t have the skills about the endeavour and so on”. Add to all’ diverse opinions and search for an effective preparation strategy compound the dilemma for aspirants. As a result many candidates give up the idea of appearing in civil services examinations before they even start. In its prima-facie that all you need is to show courage and commit fully towards the goal. You have to strong desire, little knowledge and some skills you just need confidence and determination to take on this competition.
This examination is not as difficult as we perceive it, firstly we have to know a little about it before saying No. It is a big No doubt, but it is within our reach and with a bit of planning and systematic study plan we too can achieve success in civil services examination. In civil service exmainations there is no scope for expressing regrets. So what are we waiting for? It may be we youngsters next time who does it in the first attempt becomes inspiration for many.
We can seek guidance from previous crackers as they were also the students like us and simple aspirants like we are. It was the success of Govind Jaiswal (AIR 46 cse 2007), Dr Shah Faesal (AIR 1.2009). Their success made candidates believe that success in top ranks is possible in first attempt; and after that we look at the recent result. Tina Dabi (AIR 1 2015 cse),Amir Athar (AIR 2.CSE 2015),Anmol Sher Singh Bedi (AIR 3 cse 2015). Continuing the trend in the latest civil service exmaination CSE.2017 a young boy just 23 years of age Anudeep Durdhandy AIR 1.2017cse) Sumaya sharama( AIR.9 cse 2017) Hamanshu kaushik AIR77 sce2017) and more candidates have realized their dreams in the first attempt. We need to understand the complete exam plan and related requirements. We also need to open up our minds for effective reading ,smart learning and read the inspirable articles as in these such motivational articles some facts related to civil service examinations come to light. “” Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what make life meaningful””……..thank you..

(The author is a student at Law Department Kashmir University. Views are his own)


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