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Independence is panacea for Kashmir

Kashmir in its present state of health is a region of divisions with share for big Asian powers from Military perspective barring the exception of regional disparity in socio economic condition of people inhabiting those regions. Pakistan , India and China holds disproportionate share in areal context with direct parties to international dispute. To be more precise there’s need to uncover golden periods of history from unbiased perspective,where the reality is in deep contrast to what is being projected today. How far kashmir acclaimed spot of dispute with such a stature isn’t story of ghosts but lip talk of every informed citizen . It was one among princely states in British India which got the right to decide their political future not only to join either party but to taste the slice of freedom by people’s choice.
Let’s start debate with famous quote “Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains”. The minority section couldn’t raise to claim anything in entirety in whole chunk of these states except three , where the kashmir remains still ripe on the resolution table. Here the case was paradoxical right from 1947 with Dogras wish to remain independent, thanks to his far sightedness but to our misfortune. This dream wasn’t digested by both the powers and thus started the cycle of violence which seems unending in nature.On perception of misinterpreted political state of time the kashmir got divided in three divisions with our part acceding to India on conditional basis. But the tragedy often fell to worst state of times , thus India took the matter to UNSC to its resolution once for all. Here lies the golden historical phase where Due process of law was adopted to project PLEBISCITE as Hobsons choice by UNSC. The story took a sharp turn here due to skill full political game on part of India to avoid the back to back resolution being implemented. The irony of the fact is that INDIA ASPIRES SEAT IN SAME BODY WHOSE CREIDIBLITY WAS ERODED BY IT IN INITIAL PHASE IPSO FACTO, thanks to hide and seek game by Vallabai Patel in his strategy of STICK AND CARROT whose stick was much more pronounced in kashmir than others. To its end this part is controlled by India in strict manner adhering to INTEGERAL PART, thus keeping outside world bind of otherwise reality in plain white. From all these narratives the dispute at its present stage is clearly political in nature which could have been resolved if adhered to democratic credentials .
There are various phases of kashmir struggle for peaceful resolution with intermittent violent periods. In a wider sphere the problem spread its tentacles to SOCIO RELIGIOUS dimension. To its political end the period of language of peace turned to language of gun from 90 onwards on clear sanction from Religion where the reconcilatory approach is preceeded above all whose failure seeks to wage spiritual war against enemies of ISLAM. The question of the debate is still rounding the corners on basis of India’s hand to drag the worst human crisis. In fact the deeper analysis is complimentary to such claim when seen through historical perspective . Not to talk of plebscite the region was denied even the doles promised to them which in present context has rose to spot of cultural mixing by scrapping article 35 A. on their selfish designs the country most often played zero sum game towards kashmiris from time to time, till the Religion came at centre of dispute. The arrogance of Indian establishment played its parts to completely alienate the people from polity of state to what I presume ” the region in control but people’s opinion beyond borders”. The onslaught of military to suppress the dissent, the imposition of draconian AFSPA, Fake Encounters, Ransacking Property of people, Tragedies like 2016 to put shuttle on young eyes once for all and so so many. But why Radicalism seems only viable choice can’t be answered from Delhi corridors , though they provide ample sunshine and water for the secessionist tendencies to flourish. The oft repeated violence for discriminated millions is widely recognised by international community at most of the times , sorry of bit is it couldn’t awaken the political angle of Delhi to solve the dispute in letter and spirit.
The irony doesn’t seems to its end with amplification in security establishment which runs contrary to political statements that “Dialogue is only way possible, . This perverted form of political game either came with economic doles and handouts or could manage only those which run the shady govt in state at the back of Delhi. To cite an example of Dineshwar sharma who met Mehbooba Mufti twice, once in Delhi and then the only thing changed was place….blood ridden kashmir !. Does solutions lies in CASOS or does it lie in curfews. After all these abuses, dramatic change in atmosphere of kashmir after 2016 is ascending the stages of success in plain white . To what I call the phase of Indigenous radicalism with clear sanction from religion to wage war on KUFR. This trend is more sensitive and dangerous than all the episodes of kashmir history.

The end for severe sturdy periods need to end at earliest now

The moment is completely indigenous with crystal clear support from public which most often helps them to escape CASOS and rising support especially among southern regions with modernised weaponry in site. It seems people are boiling with dissent in kashmir now where nothing else but independence attains the spot of lone choice with clear cut support from rebels to shed Pakistan calling in future. In fact the senior most political leaders have also accepted deteriorated security situation in kashmir which now seeks religious separation than political one. I remember the statement from one of Army Commander about rising radicalism with strict Islamic Thinking than political independence as threat in infancy. Didn’t India believe on Chanakya’s famous advice to king” NOT TO WAGE WAR AGAINST KING THOUGH WEAK BUT WHO COMMANDS SUPPORT OF PEOPLE BUT WITH KING HOW SOEVER MIGHTY LAGS THE SUPPORT OF PEOPLE”. Tide of kashmir is in fault with tide of Indian establishment which needs to be resolved otherwise it could spread tentacles which might threat existence of India as well.But the trend in no way recognises our faith on peace but the arrogance of Delhi through breach of agreements is the cause at core without ever initiating efforts to solve the dispute in letter and spirit but to contain the simmering discontent through political effortless efforts whose reality at fore is sustenance of dispute on one side to bloodshed of kashmiris on other for their right of plebscite which was recognised by India itself.
To a broader perspective the issue of kashmir resolution is multi dimensional with clear cut international mandate for plebscite , British history to frame choice on public opinion etc on political side which was sidelined by Indian establishment on one pretext or other . Now the socio religious dimensions has assumed prominence which only knows the language of Calliphite. To conclude is to remind the saying that “politics of extremism always proves counterproductive”. This was misinterpreted by India and now the most feasible choice seems pulling out from their box to be decided by kashmiris in near future. The legitimacy of state is in crisis now as the visits of political leaders is welcomed by violent scenes. Faroooq Abdullah doesn’t spoke from choice of people to Find the meeting point of skew lines by statement “we cannot be independent. ……….landlocked”. It is a mockery of kashmiri sentiments trying to find his solidarity of interests with people to grab seat of power in future. I haven’t seen as fierce an opposition as PDP which now speaks language of India in kashmir. Summing up the debate with answer for the mystery of dispute “the end for severe sturdy periods needs to end now” with only viable choice “Azad kashmir”. It will be Panacea for the strife torrent kashmir where the red hands of millions of security forces are busy in cutting the throat of radical trend, only to manage its amplification as Hobson’s choice. All kashmiris await the judgement day of their independence without which no solution of whatsoever nature should be and could be acceptable to us. We have fought a battle in which millions of people have died with infinite missing persons in mystery whose medicine shall none be other than freed kashmir once for all. The dispute isn’t law and order problem to what is being perceived but it compels India to read the writing on wall without turning blind towards history to set the ball rolling for early transfer of power to people’s hands. Certainly we are ready to manage our affairs ourselves not through hands of India backed politicians who oft repeatedly broke our heart for political ends. We aspire freedom and for the same we direct our efforts, the phase of reconciliation is over as the new generation where the Guide is Islam and path is radicalism, no battle seems mighty enough to stand. It is in now way contrary to pious message of peace of ISLAM as no community could have given such a mandate to peaceful resolution than ours running from interlocutors to committees without achieving anything in reality. The message is clear that kashmir is well accorded place of resolved dispute where kashmir awaits implementation now. The whole kashmir is ready for freedom which isn’t all about political status but to our historical right to manage our wholesome affairs ourselves preceeded by political status as “AZAD KASHMIR”. How sweet the word freedom is …………

(The author is Deputy Grand Mufti of Jammu & Kashmir. His views are personal)



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