The Positivity Of Covid

As the COVID 2nd wave hits India the system collapsed and the people were and are seen crying for help and then dying on roads as they didn’t receive even the simple thing , oxygen which is the first and basic thing to treat COVID patient. As the government failed to do any good to the people the people themselves jumped in to save each other. Muslims helped hindus , hindus helped mulims similarly did the Sikhs. The basic thing oxygen which government failed to provide is being provided by Muslims who at time were termed as Super spreaders. The hindus were and are dying and the same government who made them vote saying “Hindu khatra mai hai” is busy hiding the numbers and the people who were termed as Super spreaders are providing oxyen. People have become well aware that hindu never was in danger but it just them who are keeping them in khatra for personal gains . With the pendimic showing the uprise the beds , the ICUS and the oxygen kept becoming unavailable and people started to die on raod and the central government did nothing just kept attending Elections rallies with lakhs of people joining in and the Government not even caring about the disastrous consequences of the huge gatherings ,the rallies kept kept going on as if nothing was happening. People dying on roads never mattered to government and still isn’t, what all is concerning them is their image. They are Unfortunately and Ironically giving importance to their so called image over the lives of the people who voted for them and someone among the ruling party said “India has Too much population ” . Wait a second your election manifesto was for all the huge population not for the particular number of people. And you cannot even imagine the government who has been elected by the huge population is saying that the population is huge that’s why they are unable to contain the virus or help people out. This can be the worst justification by any government to get away with the responsibilities . But this time the government seems to have nowhere to go. Because everyone is witness to failure of government. Everyday the India is touching new hights in corona postive cases . Well where the government is giving just statements and hiding numbers on the other hand the people who have now been fed up with the government being inactive, they got up and started to help people around and as many as they could and are able to help. All it takes to get help is put a tweet and put a hashtag #SOS and then hundreds of people join in to help people and then people got help . ICU beds, Oxygen beds, beds , Oxygen cylinder and much more was and is being made available to them. But isn’t it unfair and unfortunate that what government had to do is being done by the people with all the limited resources available and the government is doing nothing just busy with holding big rallies in poll bound areas and don’t care about the consequences of the huge gathering. Well why would they , the prime minister was seen boasting about having such a huge crowd even when the corona situation was going out of control. The prime minister who has the first hand knowledge about the worsening situation in the country should have had acted in a mature way and should have called off the rallies so should have had been done by the home Minster. But unfortunately, ironically and sadly when the country was witnessing unprecedented rise in the no of daily covid positive cases they were busy with election rallies.
Well who is there to counter them , this is the job of the media to do so , but instead of doing that they are busy replying to the reports of International media calling them propaganda against the country. Well how sad when the cremation photos of their own people is being termed as propaganda and conspiracy, when their own people are unable to get the bed and are unable to get oxygen is termed as propaganda and conspiracy what could be expected from such people. They want to hide the crematorium ground photos where people have to wait to cremate their loved ones. Father cremating son and crying that he couldn’t find oxygen, son cremating father and crying the ambulance wasn’t on time, mother cremating daughter and crying that she wasn’t able to get ICU bed and so on. And then the union IT Minster shamelessly comes addresses press and without an iota of pain for the people who lost their loved ones said that we have asked twitter to remove the tweets that are on the COVID situation in india and the twitter removed facing a huge lot of crtisim but it keeps them unmoved. The union Health Minister says everything is fine and everything is fine. Then who are the people crying for their loved ones? Who are the people putting out SOS? Who are the doctors crying in the videos and asking for oxygen? Well for the government they are people who are sending out misinformation. And how shamelessly the government wants positivity to be spread out. Like how can the government expect people who are loosing their loved ones to spread positivity? It’s not even in imagination to expect such words at this point of time. Well yes the only positivity we have is that the communal harmony seems to be returning. Muslim business man gets oxygen from his own earnings, while as sikhs put out oxygen in Lynger, Muslims performing last rituals of hindu so are sikhs doing, this is happening all around where no body is asking what religion do they belong to. All that’s being asked is what do you need. This is the positivity of COVID rest all is a mess and the collapsed system leaving people at the mercy of God.
(The author is a freelancer. Views are his own)

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