When I Began Speaking!

When I began speaking,
I spoke the word” mother”.
Mother, because she was known to me.
Mother, because she was inclined towards me.
Mother, she bore with me.
Mother, she looked after me.
Mother, who gave me tongue.
Mother, who taught me to speak.
Tears rolled down from his cheeks when I said aunty;
The aunty was my mother.
“ Aanty” was what I addressed to her.
“ Mummy” was later learnt; not naturally.
If I lose the power of speaking, what I speak?
I will speak only mother and mother.
Mother, you are mother.
Mother, you are creator.
Mother, allow me to speak “ mother”.
Mother, I am speaking with my “mother”.

(Poet is a freelancer. Views reflected in this poem are his own)

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