The objective of Fasting is to achieve”Taqwa”

In the holy book of Quran Allah says: oh!My slaves, Come back I am your ‘Rab’. Don’t turn away frome me as you have no anyother way to get succeeded in your life.”Do worship and achieveTaqwa”that I want from you. “Taqwa” cleans you internallywhen you come out from the ignoranceby abandoningdirty practices. OurIslamfrequently insists us in the holy Quran tostop to do such ill practicesthat harmour Emaan.These becomethehindrances that stymie us fromseeking the divine’s path to enlighten our inner soul. The month of Ramadanconveys the same message for the entire muslimsis to get Taqwa by discoveringthat path in which we meet our Allah. This is the first prerequisite thatwe have faith in his existence that he is the creator of this universe.It can truly change us when we worship and doing good deeds just to please him. Indeed our heart is tainted by dirty deeds that have laid down a dark scar over it. This scar is constantly growing to get further darkened and dead. In this phase a person feels that his heart is just a stone inside the rib cage to have no liveliness. Let’s understand it with this example.If a stone is badly weathered by gushing water carried away sediments and wastes. Does anyone put it on sale without engraving and polishing? Will anybody buy it from the market if not polished? The answer is No. The reason, this stone has lost its shine which was the significant parameter for determining its true worth in the market. Likewise, this phenomenon fits well in understanding the Human heart that toowould definitely lose its spiritual shine whengetting on dark scar by our sins. It is right to say that itwill taint the heart accordingly as the flowing water has tarnished the stone by accumulating on sediments.To refresh our Emaan and hold a strong connection with the Allah.We must forsake all such ill practices and seek our shelter under him. There are many rewards in the holy month of Ramadan for which Allah promises us. One of the rewards is forgiveness. For example,If we have done infinite sins even if they are tantamount to the mountain or if they are equal to foam of the sea. Allah promises us that he will rub all sins in our book of Accounts and open it byaddingthe newvirtues from onwards. So, his mercy and forgivenesscan not be measured by any measuring scale as it is limitless. Allah has kept the repentance dooropen to get forgiveness and starta new phase of lifewhich bringsus very closeto achieve proximity with the Allah.To purify ourselves inwardly we must find a right path to get spiritually connectedall time with him bydoing his worship regularly. Those who have strong faith in himthey recieve blessings from time to time in different facets on account of theirgood deeds whichthey perform selflesslyonly to please him. It is clearly mentionedthat Some important worshipping practices are to be performed in specifictime periodlike as Ramadan. Allah addresses us at many places in the Al-Quran. Oh! My slaves wake up prior to get severe punishment hereafter.
Fasting in the holy month of Ramadan is considered a type of practice in Islam so that we can get very close to Allah. This course of fasting lasts for one month and it has its own time to set in. In fasting we stop from having day meals as which are not allowed to eat anything from dawn to dusk in this month.We stop complete drinking, not eating which can break the fast. We must eschew from many other things like talking unnecessarily with others, abusing to anyone, arguing with others, behaving ignorantly as such during the time of fasting. This month has plenty of benefits on the Muslims. There is a verse in Surat al-Baqarah in related to this month of fasting wherein Allah addresses to us: O you believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you that you may become righteous. We perform this practice physically in which we forsake all those things which could break our fast. By continuously doing this practice in this month is obviously enlightening us spiritually. With the above verse Allah merely wants Taqwa from us. The month of Ramadan in itself a reward for Muslims in which we shun all those activities which keep on darkening our heart and absenting the soul from the remembering of Allah. So this practice is very significant that is the main purpose of the Ramadan. We should stick to worshipping more in this month by reciting Quran, offer obligatory prayers, and supererogatory prayers etc. We have faith in Allah that he will absolve our all past sins which we did knowingly or unknowingly. Indeed, fasting is meant to instill this virtuous quality within us and its associated virtues of good character, generosity, patience and purity of heart. In this way fasting acts as a shield which protect us from sin and ultimately from the punishment of Allah in the hereafter. From this we observe one unique message that we have to keep on refraining from small and grave sins to live a prosperous and happy life. This month gives us time to remember our lord and keep on remembering him at every moment.Insha Allah, he will forgive all sins and direct us towards the right path.
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