January 1, 2021

DAK demands revocation of order pertaining to higher studies

Srinagar: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) is aghast over the recent order of Health & Medical Education(H&ME) department where by medicos are barred from any higher studies for five years after joining the peripheral health services.

“This is totally illegal and mere exploitation of the medicos and is like putting a lid on health policy flaws. Higher studies in the form of MD/MS/Diploma or super specializations like MCH, DM and various DNB courses and tenure posts like Registrarships are merely for upgradation of skill & knowledge of doctors, wherein the patients are benefited in real sense which in turn will improve the overall health care services”, said Dr Suhail Naik,President DAK

Dr Naik further said, “Moreover obtaining higher education is the basic fundamental right and no system should restrain its employees from obtaining it”.

DAK understands that there is dearth of staff but rather increasing the buffer quota for stabilization of staff the authorities are putting axe on medicos.

Dr Owais H Dar, General Secretary DAK said, “It is quite astonishing to gag a medico for five long years and stop him for pursuing higher skills in terms of expertise, intervention and high end surgeries.This shall lead to more brain drain rather than a employed graduate medico sticking to 5 long years of bonded employer-employee relation.The same logic applies to employed scholar who is being barred from pursuing Senior Residency”.

Doctors Association Kashmir requests Financial Commissioner Health and Medical Education Department ,Shri Atal Dullo to immediately revoke the said order as it is flawed and lacks any merit.

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