December 30, 2020

Alcohol abuse among people a concern, poses multiple health risks: Dr Tasaduk Itoo

Jammu: Kashmir – based physician, Dr Tasaduk Hussain Itoo today said that alcohol abuse among people is a sort of concern and poses multiple severe health risks. He said that drinking alcohol has more negative effects than good and consuming it in excessive amounts daily leads to chronic form of addiction.

He said that it is very concerning to see alcoholism on surge in current generations – that has conditioned minds of people with destitute and indecency. “Alcohol abuse has been a factor in creating voilations of multiple – from domestic voilence, sexual violence, violence of the community to violence of personal ambitions besides posing multiple health risks”, he added. “Being a root cause of innumerable medical conditions affecting multiple vital organs in the body, alcohol-dependence has made a poor more poorer and inflow to hospitals is increasing and we could see many patients presenting with severe form of serious health problems like alcoholic liver cirrhosis landing into severe complications like hepatic encephalopathy.” “A chronic alcoholic who has been on this abuse since ages gets more agitated and diseased while on its withdrawal”, he said.
He said that alcohol withdrawal syndrome is more devastating for chronic alcoholics and depression, manic depressive illnesses, bipolar disorders and other associated mental disorders have enormously been attributed to this kind of abuse”, he added. He said that reluctance to this abuse could be a reforming initial step to change its course for the benefit of society. “Besides working on thoughts of people addicted to this abuse, positive motivation, vocational guidance, educational de-addiction counselling could be revolutionary steps to alleviate them from such abuse.”, he said. “Mass health awareness sessions should be conducted in the community regarding drug abuse in general and alcohol abuse in particular”, he added.

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