December 27, 2020

JKIFTS launches “Dr Tasaduk Health Foundation” to streamline its health initiatives

Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir Innovative Foundation for Transforming Society(JKIFTS) on Saturday launched “Dr Tasaduk Health Foundation” to carry forward all initiatives related to healthcare and medical education under the banner.

“All the initiatives related to healthcare, awareness and medical education shall come under the banner titled “Dr Tasaduk Health Foundation”. It will be part of JKIFTS. Launching this banner, I hope with the Graces of Almighty Lord, it will provide as a platform to streamline all innovative initiatives of JKIFTS related exclusively to health, besides providing a good platform to other healthcare professionals” said Dr Tasaduk.

“Being a medical professional and educator, I am convinced and pragmatic in saying that we need many innovative initiatives in place that can be start up in the form of forums to ideate the idea of revolutionizing our healthcare system” he said.

He further said that every proffessional irrespective of his/her proffession harbours a unique idea and thought process that can be channelized positively in a way to contribute atleast something towards upliftment of the society and positively impacting the proffession – to which the said proffessional belongs to.

“The multi-dimensional innovation in health,education etc can be bring by channelising your idea to initiate initiatives at individual or forum level as these form an important part in mediation of innovation and development.” he added.

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