December 25, 2020

We need to focus on, invest more in biomedical research: Dr Tasaduk Itoo

Jammu: Kashmiri-based physician Dr Tasaduk Hussain Itoo Thursday said that our medical education system needs to be somehow rejuvenated and streamlined to cope up with all the posing challenges in healthcare system.

He said that India has shown remarkable improvements in the medical field since last many years with regard to its delivery of healthcare services, however there is also a crucial need to focus more on biomedical research and invest in it.

“Our healthcare workforce are making relentless efforts towards achieving the goal of optimum healthcare delivery despite facing many odds and challenges, however we are somehow lacking in biomedical research field as compared to other nations and very less percentage of highly qualified medical professionals are taking interest in it”, he said.

He said that to bring advancement in medical research, our medical professionals being highly capable have an immense role to play and they should get enough motivated towards such works and should be passionate in doing so.

“We need to learn lot from nations advancing in medical research and doing highest investment in it”, he said.

“To foster the robust medical research system, there should be higher investment in it from the Government and there is also a need to strengthen and ensure adequate resources to premier healthcare institutions concerned with the bio-medical research”, he added.

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