December 5, 2020

JKCSF discusses Post August-5 scenario, its negative impacts on people at it’s Srinagar meet

Wani Says “practical steps to be taken against social evils, alcoholism, drug addiction, corruption”

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society (JKCSF) in a meeting held in Srinagar on Friday resolved to eradicate social ills in Kashmir and especially consider the overall and rapidly changing situation in Jammu and Kashmir under the newly enacted laws including the new land laws announced and implemented after August 5, 2019.
In a statement issued on Friday the JKCSF said “ a high-level one-day meeting of the Working Committee of the Forum was held here in Srinagar in which some important decisions were taken mentioning therein that the meeting chaired by Chairman Forum Abdul Qayoom Wani at the Srinagar headquarters was attended by all members of the Forum including all central, provincial and district officials.
Saying that after August 5, the JKCSF statement said “all the leaders discussed in detail the new laws passed by the Central Government and it was felt that all the laws had a negative impact on the dimensions of Jammu and Kashmir”. The members present in the meeting, according to the statement, reiterated that the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum as per its tradition on a non-political basis, will continue to raise its voice peacefully against the decisions taken to tarnish the true identity of Jammu and Kashmir .
“ The JKCSF will inform the people of Jammu and Kashmir of the negative effects of the August 5 and subsequent decisions’ the statement reads adding that “JKCSF will protect local resources, indigenous heritage, cultural, linguistic identity and will raise its voice peacefully at all level against all such decisions that are against the sentiments and feelings of the people of J&K and the people will be made aware about the realities”.

The meeting termed social evils, alcoholism, drug mafia and corruption as a social epidemic and expressed concern that the situation of alcoholism, narcotics and corruption has become epidemic which is threatening the future of future generations. In the meeting, a committee was constituted to identify all such ‘Hot Spots’ in the cities and villages of Jammu and Kashmir, which are being subjected to such illegal, inhuman and irreligious activities by smugglers. It was pledged that all the officials and volunteers of the JK Civil Society Forum would take practical steps to control the epidemic in coordination with the Senior citizens of the society, Mosque committees, and imams (religious preachers) of mosques and also parents of the affected youth will be contacted. At the meeting, all the officials unanimously urged the government to open drug de-addiction centers at all tehsil headquarters and take strict action against drug mafias to curb this social epidemic. The JK CSF appealed all parents to keep a close eye on their children and play their part in shaping their character. The meeting decided to further expand the organization at the provincial and district levels to make the Civil Society Forum stronger to represent public sentiments and meet their expectations. It was pledged at the meeting that for the welfare of the people and the honor, dignity and prosperity of Jammu and Kashmir, the JKCSF under the leadership of Abdul Qayoom Wani would be expanded and strengthened.


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