November 4, 2020

Lockdown, A blessing in disguise

Sometimes a gory happening can tacitly transform into a blessing just like as lockdown turned into a benison. There is no denying that it has led us to quagmires but at the same time it has turned into a darling period of life as well. Since people got caged inside their homes for a long haul. To keep themselves engaged they tried to probe themselves to use their veiled talents hence modifying themselves into artists, poets, dancers, writers etc. In this prolix term people got ample time to introspect themselves and fathom out their real strengths to cherish them in order to decorate life with their abilities and talents. Despite knowing that this period has amplified our miseries but it has also mitigated the surged environmental pollution. It seems that our sufferings are compensated by the healing of environment. Continuous effluence of ozone depleting gases have not only increased the incidence of skin cancer but also have lead to the extinction of a variety of aquatic species but during this lockdown period netizens claim that ozone layer is healing itself. Reduction in waste generation has intensified the quality of water and dramatic drop in green house gases and air pollutants during global lockdown will have little impact on global warming and green house effect. Moreover diminution in the production of mephitic gases in the atmosphere has also increased the quality of air. Global lockdown has fetched whole world population together to make marathon for the same cause.It has enhanced the individual integrity via keeping a person abreast of present happenings and has enabled an individual to work as a whole for the common cause. In short it has amalgamated whole world into a small family. Apart from this it has let people to spend copious time with their family and loved ones. This helps a person to develop confidence, respect and love for his family. Spending time with parents helps a child develop self esteem via specific skills like problem solving and communication. Pertinently keeping oneself ringed around family evades the laden of heart and mind. While listening to their stories person can fetch plenty of productive and fruitful content which might help him in future while getting fixed in any unhealthy situation. I have seen people providing aid to the unknown acquaintances who had no axe to grind with it. This merciful act which seldom had been witnessed by the modern world is now a common act happening almost every day. This surely is not less than a blessing in present tough times.

Always let yourself make continuous efforts to expel yourself out of such situations. Moreover hard work and belief in yourself will help you vanquish your weaknesses and fears of life.

It is believed that whatever God does be it misfortune or any other misery, all is done for the amelioration of mankind. It can be justified as prior to COVID-19 people were utterly absorbed in accruing the material possessions and merely giving any space in pursuing those things which would make their heart feel contended and could please their creator but after the incursion of this catastrophe an impromptu transformation of personality is being witnessed which is truly a great bliss. One of the positive effects of lockdown can be enunciated as it increased our level of patience, made us more patient and resilient. It helped a person to curtail his furiousness and madness. Though it bridled the physical movement but increased the thought process as well. It left no option for a man to remain focused in life. Although it made life tough and arduous but also made a man strong and strengthened his will power. Many commenced online business and started earning scanty livelihood with it while some initiated to work online via various websites in order to draw money for living. So in a nut shell it can be said that people did not lose hope amid this catastrophe rather they explored novel methods to continue their work in order to keep going. We can say that it has broadened the human minds to have positive outlook of life and fear not whatever be the misfortune.
Tailpiece: One should never hex his creator for any misfortune upon him rather he should expand his vision and perceive it as a trial from God and try to be optimistic in order to evade his misfortune. One should always keep in mind that God puts only those persons in different trails that are dearer to him. Moreover one should try to find new paths in life when the pre-existing paths have been blocked. It makes mind sharper and also increases the cognitive ability like thinking process of an individual. Always let yourself make continuous efforts to expel yourself out of such situations. Moreover hard work and belief in yourself will help you vanquish your weaknesses and fears of life.
(Author is a nursing student by profession.views is his own) [email protected]

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