November 3, 2020

Panchayat Conference to contest all DDC seats, won’t not allow politicians to enter in PRIs: Shafiq Mir

Srinagar: All J and K Panchayat Conference has announced that it will contest all the 280 seats of District Development Councils as independent candidates . Shafiq Mir chairman All J and K Panchayat Conference here on Monday said that future course has been taken after week long consultations with the Panchayat leaders of Jammu and Kashmir . Mir said “by making an amendment in JK Panchayati Raj Act, government has opened a door for the entry of politicians in this institution at third stage but we will not allow them to enter in our institution. That is why we have decided to field independent candidates on all 280 DDC seats for which
the preparation for the elections are at final stage”.

Addressing a press Conference here at Srinagar, Panchayat leaders led by their chairman,Shafiq Mir said that they will not allow the politicians to enter in their institution because these were the people who remained always against the PRI system in Jammu and Kashmir. Questioning their role regarding Panchayati Raj system in Jammu and Kashmir, Mir said all political parties had boycotted the first tier and second tier Panchayat elections held in 2018 and 2019 respectively but at the third and final stage door has been opened for them . “ Now when they felt they have been sidelined and left jobless they are preparing to enter in this institution but we will not allow them to succeed”, Mir said, adding that “ We have decided to field candidates on all the seats as independent candidates and we will not allow politicians to enter in this institution” .
Appealing the educated youth to participate in these elections, Shafiq Mir said that their past policy of boycott has brought only irrelevant lot in the institutions. “The educated youth should realize that they have been always missguided by the politicians with the false promises and they should take part in these local developmental institutions and serve the people, he said , adding that “the Panchayat leaders present on the occasion said that they will not allow the politicians to politicize their institutions”.

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