October 7, 2020

Contentment—-that’s what matters

This is nothing, but story of mine and yours. This is the story of decayed, yet live cardiac muscles relaxing and contracting to fuel body. This tech savvy world from flying in air to dive beneath the dark layers of oceans have guided us in each and every field but what is lacking, are “Hearts”, not mere anatomical pumps, but hearts with honesty, meekness, philanthropistic traits and hearts with love for one another. This world has made humans like racing cars,if you don’t geared up you are gone and purpose of life then changes to a big zero.The materialistic thinking and greed for wealth, popularity had snatched from us the tranquility and as a result, we see all are free yet caged. Person hardly understands why and how he is busy???.
This world has become an open cage yet we believe we are living in the global world! In every nook and corner we see miseries and agonies, hues and cries and then we look for a miracle which will vanish these miseries, agonies, hues and cries .On daily basis, we hear alarming situation of Childs taking drugs, alarming increase in suicidal cases, crimes and what not!!!.
Have we introspected deeply what is the reason?? Have we tried to find the actual cause? Have we tried to uproot such harsh and cruel ideas from society???!! I have a big no to all such questions!!! We live in a dog eat dog world, where average ones are of no use? No matter what happens?No matter what a person is going through? No matter what a person wishes?.This cruel society has never allowed average men to take their own tasks and fulfill their own wishes and ambitions. Instead young generation is forced to do something beyond their capability that ultimately leads to depression and despair. Instead of mastering our hearts and emotions to be content, we wish for more and more that finally adds fuel to more depressed life, restlessness, anxiety and what not. From early childhood we are taught to be successful,but are never guided how to face and resist challenges. For success adjustment, resistance, patience and consistency are must, But these chapters are missing from book of our life from childhood. Only crux of our ‘life book” is success. It should be our priority to reduce the mental and heart aches from our lives. No doubt our life should be ambitious but we should never forget that Contentment at last is something that matters. Last but not the least, “trust yourself, be strong, and hope for the best”.

(The author is freelancer. Views are his own) [email protected]

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