September 18, 2020

Mahjoor: The Poet Of Kashmir

The legacy of the poet of Kashmir, Mahjoor, is unique;
Because he was the only person who could prove his worth, although he was among the weak.
We feel proud to call the cradle of civilization is Greek;
But he was the only gem who could go against the Greek dominance and made his own cream.
His love for gardeners made him the lover of flowers;
Because in the dirtiest of the lands, he looked for glowers.
He craved for the lands that could long for divine showers;
And he tried this best to awaken people never to look for the fake towers.
His lord was talking to him in the broad daylight because of his clarity of soul;
And His lord also helped to attain his cherished goal.
He was sometimes forbidden to walk but he chose to roll;
And taught us to be a ray of hope and always try your best to play your choicest role.
Imagery of your poems is very nice and fruitful to discuss;
Because you preferred to take a bus, if not available, you didn’t cry but left that stress.
He wrote a lot and supplicated his full but spoke very less;
Because he knew without knowing, it could create a never ending mess.
You longed for the nectar of knowledge in Kashmiri language;
Because it is cruelty to look at other’s luggage, by forgetting his own baggage.
You stressed upon this fact that we should have our own cabbage;
And he also was against the piling of dirty garbage.
You didn’t wait for the first flash of the Sun;
Because you had to do a lot of things and you always were on the run.
Your poetry teaches both sensitiveness and the hip-hop fun;
And you worked for the sake of humanity and were never done.
Your demand was the such kind of poetry that could infuse life into the dead;
Because you were looking for a life not looking for comfort on the decorated bed.
Your goodness tried to knot us not for a knot with a loving thread;
And your message is for everyone whether belonging to humanities or commerce or nonmedical or Med.
You were the champion of blooming flowers and their fragrance;
Because your thought really makes a sense.
You sowed seeds of optimism when the condition was so tense;
And you talked of soothing bright sunshine in the forest fully dense.
Your voice for Springs make us to preserve our heritage;
Because if not preserved, there may be some shortage.
Your voice doesn’t make sects but binds all of us in a bondage;
But miscreants were present then but you gave them freedom to blot your image.
Kashmir is proud of you and your constant work;
And you kept writing never to give his pen a jerk.
You also praised the animals of the waters like a shark;
And you might have written about the dog’s midnight bark.
Simple are your words and the meaning as well;
Because your summaries were with you and we are only going to tell.
Sweetness is the hallmark of your art and make the bells of our hearts to bell;
And nevertheless your poetry in the market is making a fatty sell.
In a nutshell, let us leave your ocean of poetry for the next time.
I have no words and if available, they won’t make any rhyme.

(Author is a freelance and writes regularly for “ Kashmir Horizon” . Views are his own) [email protected]

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