September 11, 2020

Depression and its Islamic view

Depression is a mood disorder characterised by feeling of sadness, loss or anger that interfere with everyday activity of a person. This mental disorder deteriorates the cognition resulting in lowering the confidence and self esteem of a person. The person gradually starts loosing his cognitive ability i,e his thinking process gets altered. His concentration power lowers, span of attention gets decreased and so gets his functional ability as well. Depression has got many causes. Some are listed below:-
1) Biological:-Change in the level of hormones in body can lead to depression, e.g , Post partum depression(PPD) in case of a pragnant woman post labour.
2) Financial crisis:-Person who losses jumbo amount of money due to financial breakdown or some other reason.
3) Lifestyle:-One of the researches reveals that persons who are addicted to smoking, alcoholism or drugs are more prone to depression as compared to those who keep themselves miles away from these ill habits.
4)Any trauma:-Some fearful childhood events which bombard person’s mind with negative thoughts can lead to depression
5) Chronic illness and family history etc
In apposite to above mentioned etiological factors a person can easily get indulged in this fatal disorder if he harbours any of these factors.
1) Physical activity:-Since human body is like a machine which needs to remain fit and updated every time. Likewise a machine requires overhauling process in order to keep it in serviceable condition, human body also requires proper exercise to keep it well maintained .Physical activity has got two major impacts on our body viz Physiological and psychological impact. Physiological impact can be elucidated as-physical exercise ensures blood circulation to occur in normal pattern and blood reaches to every part of the body, changing serotonin metabolism and increasing endorphin release. Psychological contributors include improving self efficiency and self esteem. Apart from this physical exercise acts as stress relieving process as it brings peace to mind and body. In Islam physical fitness has a major importance as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says that person who is more strong is more beloved to Allah to the one who is weak. Islam also facilitates those activities which contribute towards good health like walking, swimming etc. Prophet Muhammad(SAW) considers walking as a natural drug and says that the best thing you can cure yourself with is walking.
2. Sleep:-Proper sleep is imperative for sound mind as well as body. A good sleep pattern improves immunity as well as keeps our mind away from mood disorders. Sleep acts as a nurse for mind. It keeps it fresh and active. Islam has allocated about 6-8 hours for a person to sleep. Disturbance in sleep cycle results in the alleviation of physiological as well as psychological problems. Quran mentions that sleep is one of the greatest signs of Almighty Allah. One Quranic verse says, “And among His signs is your sleep by night and by day and your seeking of His bounty, verily in that are signs for those who hearken”.
3. Social relationship:-Remaining in touch with friends,family and loved ones will surely ease the burden of heart and mind and person feels relaxed. Shearing ones feelings and emotions with others rinses all the scares of heart and person feels relieved. Socialization of man is very important as it keeps a person connected with others and he becomes emotionally strong. Islam also preaches that Almighty Allah provides his divine aid only to those in congregations but not to the ones who are in isolation.
4. Dietry pattern:-Consumption of adequate nutritious food keeps our body and mind fit. To keep ourselves away from mental disorders we must consume vitamin, folic acid, protein rich food. Allah says oh believers eat good and pure food which you have provided with and be grateful to Allah if you truly worship him.
5. Recreational activities:-This is also imperative for healthy body.Islam also permits its believers to exercise these activities in order to keep body and mind balanced.
To reify all this it is clear that Islamic solution to depression and any other mental disorder is to recite Quran and try more to grasp the meaning of quran keep ourselves safe from any complication we must offer prayer, turn to Allah and seek for his aid. As Allah says I love providing my divine aid to my beloved believers as Allah never let his believer leave without fixing their complications. Moreover those who possess true faith never get trapped in such disorders and never get deviated from their right path. May Allah shower his blessings upon us and keep us away from these evils.
(Author is student at KU. Views are his own) [email protected]

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