September 8, 2020

Social Networking: Danger Signal to Family Ties

The popularity of social networking sites has risen over the last decade .The very idea of communicating with each other , sharing pictures, sending voice mails etc appears tempting and alluring. Usually ,teenagers were addicted to it but it is quite interesting to notice that our grandparents are enjoying it for the same reasons. Nowadays, following celebrities on twitter and updating profile pictures has become a routine. Spending hours on social media sites like Twitter, Face book, MySpace is something which we cannot do away with. But these sites have invaded our private lives so much that anybody can find out about us with, single certainly, these sites can provide our youth a platform to express themselves and discuss varied topics. Though social media has revolutionized the world by bridging the distances but one of the negative impacts of using these social networking sites is that they have severed family ties. Spending hours online, staying aloof from others, unnecessary chats, wasting time are few prime things which have ruined our lives. After the advent of social networking, our routines have been disturbed as we find it better to spend time on useless networking sites than to spend time with our family members. According to the recent survey, the users of these social networking sites have increase quite drastically thus, it can be understood that our family relationships have been marred by over use of the sites. Though no one can deny the fact that social networking sites are helpful in many other ways but this should not be done at the cost of our family relations. The social networking sites provide us the most pleasant way to stay connected with friends, but we cannot ignore it’s negative effects both psychological and as well as social. It is a sort of narcotic drug, if injected in excess can lead to loneliness which can drive us to death only.
Relationship is harder now because conversations become texts, arguments become phone calling and feelings become status updates
Proper use of it can save us and help us in strengthening our bonds with our own family. Even if the future of social networking sites is appalling but it is to be handled cautiously .Nolan M states in his essay” Social networking: the fame of a generation “: “Do you have a Face book?” this is the question of a generation: one of the very first question in a conversation when teens meet each other.” Let us ponder over this quote and handle the matter wisely else it would be too late! “Relationship is harder now because conversations become texts, arguments become phone calling and feelings become status updates”

(The author is working as teacher at Shaheen Educational Institute S.K. Pora Magam Budgam .View are his own)[email protected]

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