August 25, 2020

COVID-19 Lockdown & Domestic Violence!

Domestic violence means violence or other abuse in a domestic setting such as marriage. It also includes violence against the cherubs, orphans, parents or senior citizens of our community. During the terrible lockdown of deadly COVID-19, world has witnessed an unprecedented surge in the domestic violence incidents. The United Nations has described this surge as a “Shadow Pandemic” alongside Covid-19.We often wonder, how can a human being vanquish the wild beasts in savagery and treachery. Such shameful acts of humans really fills ones heart with rue and awful emotions.How can a tech-savvy world allow problems like domestic violence to crop up? It is absolutely disheartening to know that the populace of the current so called civilized society is becoming materialistic day by day hence perling its values, virtues and ethics. A query that strikes ones mind is that, when human beings can outclass wild beasts in bitterness, mischief and allied noxious characters why they are still regarded as the crown of the creation? Domestic violence is more than merely a physical or sexual absue. It is an umbrella term. Domestic violence includes physical, verbal, emotional, economic, religious, reproductive, psychological and sexual absue. Women, little children, orphans and old aged people are more susceptible to such inhuman and malefic human character. Covid-19 has dramatically increased their susceptibility and hence dramatic spurt in the cases of domestic violence is witnessed. Beside women, children and old citizens, Covid-19 has added unemployed youth of our community to this list. The hapless youth of our community have a hard time living in the current congealed circumstances. More often than not, they get brutally assailed for not earning bread-and-butter for their family. They reluctantly bear taunts, mockery and acrimony of their critics. This negative feedback devastates their lofty dreams and they start to produce symptoms of Atelophobia. We use domestic violence only when someone gets ruthlessly bashed up in the domestic settings. We can’t narrow down the scope of this umbrella term. Whenever we use bitter language against our subordinates in any domestic setting that too is a form of domestic violence. Domestic violence also means daunting and discouraging children by imparting them with negative consequences criticism for not achieving good grades in examination. Negative criticism so venomous that it can shatter the dreams of the recipient in a trice. The benighted recipient of negative criticism can lose interest in life and develop waspishness, doubt and role confusion.
Instead of becoming a penitent, human being so called the crown of the creation has displayed his pathetic and lamentable traits during this unending lockdown of COVID-19.
The offshoots of domestic violence are absolutely brutal and devastating. The victims tend to develop depressive symptoms and their outlook towards life changes dramatically. Not to mention its hazards on his self-esteem. The victims of domestic violence find it difficult to cope up with the vicissitudes of life and hence they often count their miseries, flaws, hitches and limitations. The worst thing about domestic violence is that most of the cases go unreported and hence unmanaged. True that! Not everybody can vent his/her true emotions before public for obvious reasons. According to a research, women report domestic violence only when they face both physical as well as sexual abuses. Hence we should believe the incidents of domestic violence that are reported in the present giddy times is only a tip the iceberg. If we would get acquainted with the exact figures, the domestic violence might replace Covid-19 in the news headlines! Instead of becoming a penitent, human being so called the crown of the creation has displayed his pathetic and lamentable traits during this unending lockdown of COVID-19. We know our first responsibility goes to society, hence we all need to work tirelessly in order to combat the menace of domestic violence. We need to assist the victims in getting rid of this malefic ado. As responsible denizens, we need to play our part in order to zap the roots of domestic violence.
(The author is a Bsc Nursing Student at the Institute Of Nursing South Campus University Of Kashmir and regularly writes for Kashmir Horizon. Views are his own) [email protected]

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