Review of Two Books

Mir Mukhtar Ahmad

Review of Two Books
1. Urdu ki Asree SadaaEn
2. Qadeem Wa Jadeed Adbiyaat
Part- 1
Author : Gh Nabi Kumar

Publishers : Educational Publishing House Delhi
ISBN 978-93-88736-15-2
Year : 2018

Pages : 368

Gh Nabi Kumar is a research scholar in the faculty of Arts University of Delhi’s Urdu Department. Despite his fame in the field of literature, he is still a Young Scholar. He has written reviews on more than a hundred books, but this book contains critics on more than seventy books. By reading this, the direction and speed of development of Urdu literature and language has increased by gaining momentum of Urdu readers.
Kumar is one of those young writers who also knows new milestones in literature. He has passion for connecting with the readers. He has broadened his horizons based on his reading tastes and has made an emotional attachment to books. Fortunately, Ghulam Nabi Kumar has succeeded in these paths. He has written commentaries on various books. He has made the readers well aware of his knowledge and literature. He enlightens the readers in the best way with knowledge like oceans.
Every book gives its look from its written material . Identifying its features and impressions requires the evolution of writing. In this book, he has made that presentation very well. He has explained this in a beautiful way through his work and knowledge.
Nowadays, when the emotional connection with books is weakening, it is a matter of concern to attract the readers to the books. The author has drawn the readers from word to word in a very unique way.
Ghulam Nabi Kumar is a name that came to prominence in the second decade of the twentieth century and is known to most modern and old Urdu writers of the present day. He is interested in writing comments on new books published in Urdu language. Truth be told, this taste has given him such fame and popularity that other young writers of his time are fond of it. This skill is not found in any other young scholar. This book “Urdu Ki Asree Sadayaaen” has 75 chapters based on seven Segments
1. Tehqeeq Wa Tanqeed Kay Sheeshy Goshay
2. Rawaa Sadee Ki Rawaa Shayiree
3.Asree Fiction Jalmilatay Sitaray
4. Baab Khud NoshtNigari
5.Baab Maktoob Nigari
6. Baab Adab Atfal
7. Rawaa Sadee ki Adbi Suhafat.
The Author has touched every corner of Urdu literature from Novel to fictional writings by famous literally personalities of Urdu literature.
He has named his book Modern Voices of Urdu. In which you can read on the topics of famous Urdu personalities. A good topic of discussion on the supremacy of Urdu literature with the works of Ibn Safi, a distinguished and beloved novelist who made history of detective novels. Prof. Manazer Criticism of Fiction and Poetry by Prof. Irtiza Karim.
The Author has a broad discussion on Mohammad Yaqoub Saqi as Silent poet. New generation representative young poet Salik Jameel Brad. Dr Majeed Ahmed Azad’s Fiction Writer of Still morning “Tehri huee Subah” Dr Mehmood ul Hasan’sKhush Noosht Nigari Dr Tuaib Maktoob Nadwi’s Letter writings Naqooshe Ilam of Anwarul Hasan wastawi , comentaries of Aziz ullah Sherwani (Tabsura Nigari). The discussions & reviews on Urdu Journals & Young writers representative Journals Tehqeeq.
In this book, Kumar Sahab has written articles on ghazal, poetry, fiction, Masnavi, quatrain, research, literary journalism and personalities. Reading this book has made it easier for young writers to read and understand Urdu literature. The young writers, scholars & students have benefited greatly from the author of this book. With the help of which they have summarised books easily . They also can now write Biographies and interpretations successfully.
The Author has the distinction of having the responsibility of various publications of the country viz; Editorial Assistant of Adab Ailsila. Editor Adab Nama- Naya Nazriya. Founder & Prseident of Sheikh ul Aalm Education & Welfare. Editorial Taqeeq Darbanga. Assistant Editor Punjab Urdu Magazine & Darbanga Times & is also in Editorial board at Sabage Urdu & Adab Nama of Lazwal published from Jammu.
( The reviewer of the book is a freelancer. Views are his own, [email protected])

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