Impact of Pandemic Disease Covid 19 on Environment

The theme for 2020 Environment Day is Celebrating biodiversity– a concern that is both urgent and existential. Presntly we have a global disease pandemic that demonstrate the interdependence of humans and the webs of life, in which they exist. The pandemic of COVID 19 being Considered Natural by various faiths for human beings or not can not be answered, but it would seems to be one for good the environment. Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, several countries had adopted lockdown procedures that stopped people from moving out and for shops and other establishments to close down. Lockdown has had good impact on the environment. Air around us had been deemed very toxic to breathe in due to the amount of greenhouse gases that had been emitted over the centuries before this pandemic. Rising temperatures were experienced around the globe , which in turn led to the melting of glaciers and rising of sea levels. Environmental degradation was happening fast due to the depletion of varoius resources. Once lockdown was put in place in many countries, there was lesser travelling done by people. Every kind of Transport like buses, trains and flights was off. Even industries were closed down and not allowed to function. This in turn led to the pollution in control. The quality of the Air got bettered. Animals have been moving freely where once they would not dare to go. Even sea turtles , penguins, small birds have been spotted returning to areas they once avoided to lay their eggs, all due to the lack human interference. Plants are growing better because there is cleaner air and water. With everything in control , plants are allowed to thrive and grow and produce more coverage and oxygen. Lesser clogging of river systems due to less litter is good in the long run for the environment. Airports as we know are some of the hottest spots for nitrogen dioxide.Nitrogen dioxide is released when we burn fuel, either in airplanes or vehicles. When first released it reacts with other nearby chemicals and forms ozone. Airplane exhaust also forms formaldehyde, which is an indicator of ozone formation and another air toxin. Breathing in ozone can cause chest pain.If the amount of pollution emitted continues to grow over time, economy is likely booming . A huge expenditure on waste materials in wedding parties , which directly affect the Environmental aspect has been managed and thus Environment saved Execessive use of hazards chemicals has been stopped either by unavailability or being deliberately left due to shortage of funds. Brick calans , factories, fishing with banned chemicals has all stopped, which in turn has helped in conservation Environment due to the Pandemic &lock down.

( The author is a regular contributor of “ Kashmir Horizon”. Views are his own)

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