Disciplined Resistance: The only way to come out from political choas

Irfan Rashid

Today the Kashmir is in a state of despair and hopelessness and it has many reasons and logics to follow, but this is not the first time that we have seen such a situation and we must be prepared in near future for the worst. On looking back to past, we have been deceived and backstabbed many times with much more vulgarity. But this generation that has come all along the physical, emotional, psychological traumas of 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2016 will be more vulnerable from these political developments and are mostly in a desperate condition. Time has come for Kashmiris to stand against this authoritarian regime In a much disciplined way, so that it will create a new atmosphere of hope and resilience for this unfortunate part of land. The hurriyat leadership has been caged since long and some middle rung separatists are being followed by NIA and other secret agencies to create a sense of fear in masses and to make them succumb under pressure, as this is the age old policies of imperialistic and colonist nature. The so called unionists are not here to be seen in the context, their credibility has been shattered by their masters. Now, the question remains what will we have to do and what is the road ahead for us, it has many answers and we have to choose them alone with no one around to bother for us. This land has given so much blood, pain, sufferings, agony, torture, disappearances and resistance that are enough for creating a sense of Welter in a civilized nation, but we are fighting this battle with a fascist ideology and we have to be patient, tolerant, intelligent and more disciplined as never before. India is trying every bit of their diplomatic effort to portray the situation in the valley as normal when nothing seems to be.
Tomorrow our next generation will held us responsible for this political apathy towards our dreams, future, destiny and mostly towards our right to self determination and will held us more accountable and question us; was pen and paper not available at that time, was your thoughts not nurturing, where was your abyss? And we have no answers for them. We as a nation cannot escape from this truth that this political vendetta has a power to rob us from our cherished destiny, at the same time it cannot uproot us and can never be successful as our history, culture and resistance are testimonious to this fact. But today the situation is different and difficult. We are faceless and have more responsibility on our shoulders. We have to evolve ourselves, analyze our greatest depth of the thinking, examine our past, observing everything keenly what is happening around and to formulate the strategies accordingly. Our artists, students, academicians, philosophers, teachers and religious clerics have a important role to play. We cannot afford more annihilation as we are still oozing blood from the deserts of Rajasthan to streets, Lanes and by Lanes of this blood stained Vale. We have to be much resilient, more tolerant and much more disciplined as India is trying to control everything from executive to judiciary system, from school to universities, from law enforcement agencies to biased citizenship rights and the best example in this regard is the incident in JMI and the chimnayan and rape case.
We are duty bound; to make our pen to write, to make our legs to walk on this road that has consumed the tall characters to make use of your tongue, to make use of your emotions, feelings and intellectualism to uproot this evil from this sacred part of land.
There is intellectual bankruptcy in us, egoistic problems, self motivated ways, socioeconomic disorder and mostly we are trust deficit and we have to come out from these problems. We have to choose someone who can lead us in these chaotic times. Yes, there are many people at the helm who have the capability to uphold the dignity, civility, politeness and formulate the right plan of action to safeguard the unambiguous sacrifices that this nation had given and are continuously giving.
We have to survive for our dreams, destiny, notions, liberty and tears that have fallen from our soaked eyes from time to time. We have to strictly follow the inner call of our consciousness and have to be bold enough to stand against this despot and totalitarian hegemony and have to call spade a spade. We have only two options left for us and the causes and consequences of both of them we know well. We must have to uphold the bold characters of writing, protesting, debating, discussions and conversations to maintain the balance in these muddling Waters.
Our culture, history, tradition, values and spirit of living are on the brink of loosing their sheen. Here democratic institutions are being manipulated, altered, tempered and illegalized for countering the dissent. As a civilized nation, we have to stand against this totalitarianism as we are living in a society that has back it’s civilization of 3000 years. We have to come out from the illusions of statehood, article 371 and domicile rights and confront them with the original character of our movement that is nothing less than a right to self determination as was guaranteed by the UNSC. These coercive majors can’t suppress or silence us. The silence in the conflict zones sometimes helps us in forming the breeding ground for change and I think today’s silence is the same. There is much need of passive resistance as it can give us a long form of vantage. We have to strengthen our ideology, the ideology which has no boundaries, no walls, no barriers and no hatred and that is tall, refulgent and lucid in it’s characters. We have to rise from ashes and have to take along all spheres of society so that we can come out from this dilemma.
India is trying to show us in a paltry situation and will definitely try to bring on some third front parties that will help them in strengthening their intentions and cause, as is evident on looking back to past. These are all like vultures looking for their prey to trap them all along. We are duty bound; to make our pen to write, to make our legs to walk on this road that has consumed the tall characters to make use of your tongue, to make use of your emotions, feelings and intellectualism to uproot this evil from this sacred part of land.
( The author is a freelancer. View are exclusively his own, irfanrashid765@gmail.com)

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